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A Bachelor of Science (BSc) can often be the first step in pursuing a new career or the next step in climbing the industry ladder. Commonly lasting three to four years, these programs can give students important foundational knowledge important to their long-term career goals.

What is a BSc in General Management? These programs cover a broad range of management skills to prepare students to oversee an array of departments and projects. The interdisciplinary approach of many of these programs frequently provides individuals with the skills to oversee corporate operations, technology, human resources and administration. The course load, while diverse, can explore ways to more easily manage these varying tasks. These programs may also offer an important emphasis on the growing international marketplace. Courses commonly cover topics in operations, market research, strategy, human resources, leadership, digital innovations and diverse marketplaces.  

As companies grow, they often need a general manager who can oversee the gambit of operational tasks. While many management programs can prepare scholars to oversee a particular department, these programs can prepare them with the skills to oversee entire corporate operations. The diversity of skills may make graduates more marketable to a greater number of potential employers and increase employment opportunities and salaries.

The tuition and associated expenses for these programs vary, and it is often based on location and program institution. Students should investigate the cost of a range of programs to find one that fits their financial expectations.

A BSc in General Management can help prepare professionals to organize operations within a variety of corporate entities. Because graduates may leave with a versatile set of skills, they may adapt to a breadth of managerial positions, including brand manager, regional sales manager, industrial relations, finance manager, project manager and sales engineer. These positions are not restricted to the business and finance industry, and graduates may find positions in food, construction, fashion, media, technology and computers. Some students may choose to further their management skills through additional education.

These extensive interdisciplinary general management programs can help students obtain a range of career goals. To start on your own career path, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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