Bachelor of Science Degrees in Finance and Economics

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Finance and Economics

Instead of going straight into the workforce after high school, many people choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Designed to focus on a specific area of study, this type of degree usually takes four years to complete and prepares graduates to fill a position in a related field or industry.

What is a BSc in Finance and Economics? Generally geared towards the business world, this degree provides students with a solid understanding of both financial and economic principles. While seeking this degree, students will likely take a variety of core classes, including micro and macroeconomics, finance, accounting, management, and marketing. Students may also take courses in production and operations management, financial statistics, and portfolio management.

Students who obtain a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics often learn new skills that can help them as they pursue a career in the business world. In addition to these helpful skills, graduates often earn a higher salary than those who did not acquire a degree, and they are more likely to earn promotions.

How much it costs to obtain this type of degree is highly variable because the total cost depends on the type of program, where it is located, and the individual school’s tuition rate. Whether the program is online or in-person can also affect the cost.

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics most often work in a business-related role. For instance, graduates with this degree can work as account managers, investors, portfolio managers, financial strategists, and economic forecasters. Many students also use this degree as a foundation that prepares them to either pursue a Master of Business Administration or another type of advanced degree.  

There are many program options available for students interested in learning more about finance and economics. To begin the application process, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics

Carson-Newman University
Campus Full time September 2018 USA Jefferson City USA Online

Students with a Finance major are prepared to manage investments, manage risk, budget, and obtain capital, and analyze real estate transactions. Graduates work in personal finance, business finance, and as entrepreneurs. [+]

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics Business, Undergraduate

The Carson-Newman Department of Business provides students an opportunity for a unique learning experience in a Christian liberal arts environment. The Department of Business adopts the Carson-Newman University Statement of Purpose as it endeavors to educate its students broadly in areas relevant to their future roles as Christian business and community leaders in a global society.

The Department of Business strives to: become a premier business program. teach with excellence in a professional, caring and nurturing manner. present a progressive curriculum that is challenging and integrated. produce professionally, ethically, and technically prepared servant leaders. contribute to the environmental preservation & economic development of the region. provide students with Christian leadership and mentoring models. Finance/Economics ... [-]

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Economics and Finance

HELP University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2018 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

This degree has been designed to provide the economics reasoning, quantitative skills and institutional knowledge required by financial economists to solve practical problems arising in finance. [+]

This degree has been designed to provide the economics reasoning, quantitative skills and institutional knowledge required by financial economists to solve practical problems arising in finance. These skills should make graduates highly suited for further studies as well as for a career in investment banking or financial markets.

This degree offers you the opportunity to combine in-depth studies in economics and finance. It provides you with the analytical tools from the skills of mathematics, statistics, economics and econometrics together with the institutional knowledge required to work as a financial economist.


HELP CAT has been awarded the Affiliate Centre status by the University of London for excellence in conducting their International Programmes. You can obtain a prestigious UK Bachelor of Science degree, with honours, in 3 years. The degree can be completed entirely at HELP CAT – with great savings in cost. The degree certificate and academic transcripts are issued directly by the University of London. Academic direction for the degree is provided by the world-renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The flexibility of transfer. We have a proven track record of excellent results and First Class Honours graduates. Scholarship awards from LSE are available for top-achievers. Accredited by MQA. Fast-track membership accreditation by professional bodies for accounting and finance. ... [-]

BSc Economics and Finance

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Campus Full time 3 - 4 years September 2018 China Suzhou

Economics and Finance is an exciting new programme starting in 2014-15 combining the best of two subjects and giving you a real competitive edge. The core modules include both economics as well as finance subjects. The new structure is intended to provide students not only a specialization in finance but also a strong background in economics. [+]


The BSc Economics and Finance programme combines the best of two subjects to give you a real competitive edge. The core modules provide you with not only a specialization in finance but also a strong background in economics. This interdisciplinary path will prepare you for specialist courses such as financial economics and financial econometrics. You will gain a basic knowledge of accounting which is invaluable for understanding how enterprises work.

Unique selling points of the programme

• As financial markets are emerging as the next step in the development of the Chinese economy, this strong programme prepares you to understand financial transactions in a broader economic context... [-]