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A Bachelor of Science (BSc) prepares individuals for success within their chosen field. Whether an individual has just finished high school or is looking to go back to school in order to advance in their career, a bachelor’s degree can provide the higher education needed to propel that individual forward.

Some may ask, “What is a BSc in Design Management?” Simply stated, it is a degree that prepares individuals to manage design projects. Even simple structures require a number of steps and, usually, the involvement of different parties to erect them. Graduates will be prepared to coordinate these different aspects to ensure a smooth and cohesive process from start to finish. Not only will they gain an understanding of different management principles, but they will also learn about the economy and social issues in relation to the building process.

A BSc in Design Management is a multidisciplinary degree. As such, it gives students knowledge in a number of different areas, making them well-rounded workers. This can be considered very attractive to some businesses.

There are a few factors that affect the cost of the degree program. The average cost of attending the institution, the location of the school, and whether you study on campus or online are all components that are considered in determining the price.

Most students with this degree stick to design management positions. With buildings being constantly built around the world, there are a number of great opportunities in the field. Some students may choose to venture into other management and logistical careers in the public or private sector. At the bachelor’s level, you can expect an entry-level or possibly low-management position, depending upon your experience. Others may choose to continue their education to secure higher-level positions or apply their management training in their own businesses. The choices are almost limitless.

There are a number of BSc in Design Management degree programs to consider. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor of Science in Design Management

American University of Sharjah
Sep 2020

The design management major offers our students the opportunity to study design in the wider context of entrepreneurship and management of the creative process.

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