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A Bachelor of Science (BSc) is an undergraduate degree that is offered in a variety of science and non-science subject areas. Available at universities and colleges all over the world, programs take between three and five years to complete.

What is a BSc in Cosmetology? This degree program is intended to prepare students for careers specializing in the application of beauty treatments. Classes will develop students’ skills in a chosen area, typical options being hairstyling, skin care, manicure/pedicure and makeup application. The curriculum additionally covers aspects of health and safety, sanitation, and state laws and regulations. Business classes are also often included, preparing graduates to become industry entrepreneurs. Coursework usually includes time spent working in student salons in order to acquire practical experience.

In most states, a degree is required to become a licensed practitioner in any salon or clinic. Because most professions in the cosmetology field involve personal attention to clients, students who complete the program also tend to develop superior people skills, excelling in customer service and listening. Creativity is another core strength of any successful hair stylist or makeup artist.

The cost of earning a degree will depend on the institution and the length of the program. Additional factors include whether courses are offered online, whether students attend full time and the geographic location of the school.

The demand for licensed beauticians continues to experience steady growth, and there is consistent employment available for entry-level hairstylists, estheticians and manicurists. Earning potential depends on experience and clientele, with the most prestigious hair and makeup artists able to command impressive salaries working in the film industry. Cosmetologists can find jobs in salons, build a clientele while working freelance, or open and operate their own businesses.

Online classes provide a convenient way to pursue a degree on one’s own schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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