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Corporate Governance

A BSc stands for Bachelor of Science, and it is an undergraduate academic degree. Depending on the particular program, students who earn a BSc may choose to enter into a career or continue their education and earn an advanced degree.

Graduates of a corporate governance program may be able to start a career as executive and non-executive company directors, chief financial officers, chief executive officers, fund managers, risk managers, board secretaries, auditors, investment bankers, credit rating agents and lawyers.

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Bachelor in Corporate and Homeland Security

Mercy College
Online Campus Full time September 2018 USA Dobbs Ferry Bronx USA Online + 3 more

Protect our national infrastructure from terrorism and other criminal threats . . . Learn what you need to be successful in an expanding and dynamic field playing a role in virtually every business and government field. [+]

Mercy College's Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management is a 4-year degree offered through the School of Business. It is the first undergraduate degree of its kind, designed to provide a comprehensive background for students interested in pursuing professional managerial careers in the private or public sectors where business and security skills coexist.

The B.S. degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management offers students a cutting-edge degree: one which speaks to the expanding and dynamic role that security now plays in virtually every business and government career.

Corporate and Homeland Security Fast Facts Coursework focusing on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Emphasis on team building within a dynamic environment Internships with agencies securing the country Gain a multidisciplinary degree by taking courses in business and security concepts Program Outcomes ... [-]