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A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is earned by taking a set of courses at a university, which typically takes four years. Two years of general university requirements, such as math, science and languages, are followed by two years detailed study in the field of interest, or major. Following a Bachelor of Science, an individual can enroll in graduate studies or enter the workforce.

What is a BSc in Business Engineering? A BSc in Business Engineering is a degree that will enable a graduate to dive into business with a creative advantage. People who hold this degree are usually cutting-edge thinkers in the world of business and marketing. They not only have brilliant ideas, but thanks to their education, they also know how to implement them. Courses usually include a large number of electives, which enables the student to devise a program that will meet his or her goals. Expect to learn about the global marketplace, how to streamline business processes and how to bring about change effectively.

Graduates with this degree are desired in the business world. A business person with a creative streak and a strong working knowledge of business processes can have a chance to earn more money after earning a BSc in Business Engineering.

Costs vary based on location and length of the program. Inquiring with the university of your choice is the best way to be sure of the costs involved.

Careers in business engineering are competitive. Analysts, marketers and business writers can all find a rewarding career with this degree. Virtually every type of large company is in need of a business engineer to streamline processes and improve their bottom line. Job seekers may be able to choose a field that appeals particularly to them, such as manufacturing, retail or banking.

Business engineering is an evolving field. Earning a BSc could catapult graduates into a successful career. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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BSc Engineering and Business Studies

The University of Warwick, School of Engineering
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 United Kingdom Coventry

Engineering for many years has been regarded as an ideal background for a career in management, business or commerce. The accountancy profession, for example, recruits many engineering graduates because [+]

BScs in Business Engineering. Engineering for many years has been regarded as an ideal background for a career in management, business or commerce. The accountancy profession, for example, recruit many engineering graduates because they have strong numerical and quantitative skills combined with a sound understanding of industry. In the first two years of this degree you will take modules with all the BEng and MEng engineering students within the School of Engineering, providing a broad study of engineering and technology. In year three you will transfer to the internationally renowned Warwick Business School and study with their business students, as well as other science students taking degrees such as Physics and Business Studies, selecting modules to gain a wide introduction to the world of commerce, business and management. The skills acquired will open up a wide range of graduate career opportunities for management or administrative positions within industry or commerce. The degree is ideally suited to those candidates who have an interest in science and technology as well as business but who do not wish to become a chartered engineer. You may enter the University by applying directly for this degree on your UCAS form, or you may transfer from another engineering course at the end of year two. Continuation or transfer into the third year of this course is subject to performance overall and in the business module in year 2. What you'll study For the first two years, all students follow the same programme. The course is designed... [-]