BSc Program in Biology in Australia

Find BSc Program in Biology in Australia 2018


Students enrolled in a university can pursue a BSc or Bachelor of Science degree.  This is a popular undergraduate study program that can help students gain valuable skills for the workplace or additional educational pursuits.


Study in biology can lead to careers in health care, teaching, environmental conservation, and biotechnology. It can also form the base from which to pursue doctoral study in the areas of clinical or research work.

Australia is an island country and continent of the southern hemisphere, in the SW Pacific, a member state of the Commonwealth.

Top Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology in Australia 2018

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The Australian National University | Science
Campus Full time 3 years January 2018 Australia Canberra

The Bachelor of Science gives you the flexibility to explore all of your scientific interests. Study anything from astronomy and biology, or chemistry and maths, to physics and psychology. Graduates find work in a variety of administrative, ecological and technological roles, this includes in government departments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms and universities and other research organisations. Graduates can also undertake specific graduate-level training in areas such as teaching, patent assessment or science communication to further equip themselves for these professions. [+]

A single three-year undergraduate degree offered by the A.N.U. College of Health and Medicine and A.N.U. College of Science.

Explore the endless possibilities of science with this degree as you can choose to study everything from astronomy to neuroscience. So whether your interests are broad or unique, the Bachelor of Science allows you to follow or find your passion. You’ll have the flexibility to explore all of your interests, tailoring a program to take you in whichever direction of science interests you most. And when you study at Australia's most reputable science university, you will gain access to state-of-the-art laboratories while being mentored by leading scientists. Make an enquiry directly with A.N.U. You'll also benefit from studying in Canberra, a science city which gives you unparalleled access to parliament, CSIRO, government departments, Geoscience Australia and many other national and international science organisations.... [-]