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BSc is the abbreviation for Bachelor of Science, and this degree typically takes three to five years of study. Most programs include classes in general education, math and science along with specific coursework in a chosen scientific specialty. The prerequisite for this degree is generally a high school diploma or equivalent certificate.

You may be wondering, what is a BSc in Automation, anyway? This degree looks at robotics and machines that can operate on their own or with minimal human assistance. This kind of automation is useful in factories and large-scale performances. While you may not have to have any engineering knowledge when you begin this degree, some spatial and visual creativity is useful. Courses may include system design, project management, rigging and realistic movement.

Some of the skills you may learn as an automation student can include hand-eye coordination, situational awareness and communication. With good hand-eye coordination, you are better able to solve physical problems. Situational awareness can help you notice dangerous situations, while communication is an important part of interacting with others.

Some factors that affect the cost of a BA include school location, subject of study and availability of outside funding. As you budget for this endeavor, try contacting the registration office to learn more about fees and typical book costs.

Within automation, there are three main subfields: industry, entertainment and software. In many industries, factory lines are still converting to automation. Managers of existing machine-operated plants are usually looking for ways to be more efficient. In these industries and in entertainment, you could look for job titles such as automation tester, controls engineer and on-site technician. Automated robotics run on computer software, so you could also look for work as a software engineer or troubleshooter.

Many schools offer degree programs in robotics and automation. To narrow your search, decide if you want to move or attend school locally. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) - On Campus and online

Engineering Institute Of Technology
Online Campus Full time 3 years January 2019 Australia Perth + 1 more

There is a critical global shortage of automation, instrumentation and control engineers due mainly to restructuring and rapid growth of new industries and technologies. The respected International Society of Automation (ISA) estimated that at least 15,000 new automation engineers are needed annually in the US alone. Many industrial automation businesses throughout the world comment on the difficulty in finding experienced automation engineers despite paying outstanding salaries. [+]

The Engineering Institute of Technology is pleased to bring you the Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) program available both fully online and on campus in Australia. Please read below for details about both delivery options.

In this accredited and prestigious program you will gain: Skills and know-how in the latest and developing technologies in instrumentation, process control, and industrial automation Practical guidance and feedback from industrial automation experts from around the world Knowledge from the extensive experience of expert lecturers, rather than from just theoretical information Global networking contacts in the industry A valuable and accredited Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)** qualification ... [-]