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Art Studies

A BSc stands for Bachelor of Science, and it is an undergraduate academic degree. Depending on the particular program, students who earn a BSc may choose to enter into a career or continue their education and earn an advanced degree.

The Arts involves programs of an abstract nature, and typically universities divide the schools of Arts from schools of Science. The benefits offered to the community by the arts are more creative and geared towards intellectual thinking.

Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic, is a country in the East Mediterranean. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south.

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BSc in Audio Visual Arts

American University Of Technology
Campus Full time October 2018 Lebanon Lebanon Online

BSc in Audio Visual Arts [+]

Best Bachelor of Science Degrees in Art Studies in Lebanon 2018. UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS 23 credits English Language Requirements (6 credits) ENG 203 English Communication Skills I 3 credits ENG 020 or Placement ENG 204 English Communication Skills II 3 credits ENG 203 Business Requirements (4 credits) 3 credits ENG 204 BUS 210 Business Communication Skills BUS 215 Presentation Skills + Lab 1 credit Co. BUS 210 Arts Requirements ( 3 credits) Choose one of the following courses: ART 202 Introduction to Arts and Music Appreciation I ART 205 History of Art and Design Natural Sciences Requirements (3 credits) Choose one of the following courses: HLT 210 Health and Wellness NTR 201 Introduction to Nutrition ENV 201 Man in the Environment Computer Science Requirements (3 credits) CSC 201 Introduction to Information Technology + Lab CSC 203 Introduction to Computer Science CSC 205 Introduction to Programming Humanities Requirements (3 credits) Choose one of the following courses: HUM 318 Human Rights PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology SOC 202 Justice, Society and Gender POL 202 Globalization and Political Change CST 201 Western Civilization WGS 290 Water Politics and Law Physical Education Requirements (1 credits) PED 201 Physical Education I MAJOR REQUIREMENTS 74 Credits 1 - Art Requirements (18 credits) ART 200 Drawing & Illustration I ART 215 Performance I ART 220 Performance II ART 355 Animation COM 206 Principles of Photography DES 360 Advanced Photography 2 - Emphasis Requirements (56 credits) AVP 200 Image and Photo Theory AVP 202... [-]