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A Bachelor of Science, or BSc, is an undergraduate degree awarded after completing a program that is typically between three and five years in length. Students usually begin with more general education classes, specializing in their field as they advance.

What is a BSc in Applied Finance? A bachelor’s degree in applied finance goes a step further than a basic finance degree and prepares graduates specifically to manage investments and funds, and to assess the risks involved in potential projects. In addition to teaching theory, this degree program is a practical one, preparing students for the real world issues that companies and financial institutions face. Basic course study will typically include economics, accounting, statistics, probability, commercial law, and finance. Later classes will focus on such subjects as investments, financial modeling, portfolio management, and risk management.

Because of the practical nature of this degree, it will enhance the graduate’s marketability for careers in this field over those applicants with just a basic finance degree. It can also assist in acquiring higher paying positions.

Degree programs in applied finance vary in cost, depending on the length of program that you choose and the institution that you study at. Opting for an online course of study is one way of reducing expenses.

Specific career opportunities open to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in applied finance include financial analyst, investment analyst, planning analyst, financial economist, portfolio manager, management consultant, statistician, and stockbroker. Potential employers include accounting firms, consultant companies, banks, and applicable government divisions such as the treasury department. Any large corporation may also hire financial officers or strategic planning experts with this degree.

A bachelor degree program in applied finance can be found at a variety of international institutions online. This is a great way of studying and one that can help you lower your costs while allowing you to have a more flexible schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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3 Results in Applied Finance

San Francisco State University

The Finance concentration teaches students to recognize, understand, and attain the skills necessary to be successful in the world of finance. ... [+]

The College of Business

The College of Business is made up of eight departments supervised by chairpersons. The departments are Accounting, Decision Sciences, Finance, Hospitality Management, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing.

The primary objectives of the College of Business at San Francisco State University are to:

Provide students majoring in business administration with a foundation in the basic concepts and practices of the business community, and with a particular expertise in one or more of the specialties of practice, in order to prepare them to think creatively and to exercise critical judgment in the making of business decisions; Provide other students with a general understanding of the foundations and philosophies of the business community; Encourage a continuous liaison with the business community in order to respond to the educational needs of that community; Encourage faculty professional development activities designed to provide service to all segments of business and education for business through academic research and publication, applied research and publication, community education and services (seminars and consulting involving non-publishable, proprietary research, for example), and self-education or study designed to improve business knowledge and expertise. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ... [-]
USA San Francisco
September 2019
University of Greenwich

The continuing euro-zone debt issue provides a challenging and exciting opportunity for you to study finance, a subject which is the focus of extensive current debate. ... [+]

BSc Finance (Hons)

The continuing euro-zone debt issue provides a challenging and exciting opportunity for you to study finance, a subject which is the focus of extensive current debate. Heightened awareness of the inadequacies in the financial system has drawn attention to the requirement for a new generation of risk-aware, educated managers with an understanding of financial instruments and markets to run effective operations throughout the front, middle and back office environment.

This programme will provide you with an opportunity to capitalize on these opportunities, providing you with a rigorous yet practical programme of study designed to prepare you for effective job performance within a financial institution.... [-]

United Kingdom London
September 2019
3 - 6 years
Kent Business School, University of Kent

Our Finance and Investment degree teaches you how to apply economic and financial principles to real business situations. It prepares you for a career in a broad range of ... [+]


Kent Business School delivers a high standard of business education and is the largest school at the University of Kent. Our academic research and links with global business inform our teaching, ensuring a curriculum that is both rigorous and current. We are a top 20 UK business school for our academic teaching and student satisfaction.

Our degree program

This four-year program prepares you for a career in a broad range of sectors including financial management, investment banking, and equity trading. In your first year, you study financial accounting, data analysis, statistics, financial markets and instruments, economics for business and quantitative methods for finance. This gives you a thorough understanding of the core principles of finance and investment.... [-]

United Kingdom Canterbury
August 2019
4 years