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Program Description


Digitalization is transforming vast areas of our economy and society. Companies are changing the way they operate as digital technology revolutionizes their processes and distribution channels. In response, demand is growing for qualified individuals who combine management expertise with a profound knowledge of digital technology.

Is this program right for me?

We created the Bachelor in Management & Technology with the new Digital Technologies specialization with a particular type of candidate in mind. We are looking for highly motivated high-school graduates who are interested in business administration and, at the same time, want to acquire a basic knowledge of the natural sciences and engineering – with a special focus on digital technology. Graduates of the program will be ideally qualified for a career that combines business management with technical skills, particularly in the area of digital technology.

The Bachelor in Management & Technology with the Digital Technologies specialization is offered exclusively at the new TUM Campus Heilbronn from Winter Semester 2019/20.

Digital Technologies Specialization - Only in Heilbronn!

Heilbronn is famous for being a region of world market leaders. Both the city itself and the surrounding areas boast a high concentration of innovative, family-led small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of these firms are highly specialized and have achieved top positions in global markets. These “hidden champions” are constantly on the look-out for new employees with expertise in management and technology. They are particularly interested in those who have a specialism in digital technology.

For our students, that means great career prospects. Many jobs are available in fields such as automotive and mechanical engineering, metal production and processing, electrical engineering and plastics processing, the food industry, paper, printing and publishing, and the construction industry. But it doesn’t stop there: Industries such as retail, finance, insurance, tourism, transportation, and communications are also crying out for qualified candidates to meet the rapidly changing challenges of the global economy.

The economically vibrant Heilbronn-Franken region, with its strength in innovation, is the perfect place to study the following elective courses:

  • Management in Family Businesses
  • Management in Digital Transformation
  • Business Law

  • Place of study: TUM Campus Heilbronn (third semester in Munich/Garching)
  • Duration of study/credits: 6 semesters/180 credits
  • Language: Up to 100 % in English
  • Costs per semester: No tuition fees under German law

TUM Campus Heilbronn offers excellent conditions for studying. It forms part of the modern Dieter Schwarz Foundation (DSS) Educational Campus in the heart of Heilbronn, in the economically strategic and fast-growing region of Heilbronn-Franken. Indeed, Heilbronn-Franken is one of the most innovative regions – not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe.**

**EU Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2017


  • Basics in: Economics, Law, Management, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Electives in Management and Technology
  • Specialization in Digital Technology
  • International Experience & Communication Skills
  • Project Studies focusing on practical or research issues
  • Bachelor’s Thesis

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this program, our graduates will

  • have a sound understanding of the link between Management and Digital Technology.
  • have knowledge of business fundamentals.
  • be effective communicators of business topics.
  • be responsible decision makers.
  • be managers in a global world.

Admission Requirements

  • Abitur or equivalent
  • Successful completion of the assessment procedure
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At TUM School of Management, we carry out teaching and research at the intersection of management, engineering, natural and life sciences. Located in the heart of Munich, a thriving city in one of Ger ... Read More

At TUM School of Management, we carry out teaching and research at the intersection of management, engineering, natural and life sciences. Located in the heart of Munich, a thriving city in one of Germany’s most prosperous regions, we enjoy an academic, cultural and economic infrastructure that attracts talents from all over the world. Read less
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