BSc in Global Responsibility & Leadership


Program Description

Are you ambitious and interested in global issues? An adventurer who is not afraid of a challenge? Then the BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership (G.R.L.) at University College Fryslân is for you!

Our three year Bachelor programme is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is dedicated to addressing global challenges and finding local solutions.

In the first year, you take courses spanning the Human and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Information Technology. Thereafter, you specialize in one of three Majors, which allows you to tailor the programme to your own interest.

In the latter two years of the programme, you have the opportunity to put the theory learned in the classroom to practice by completing Living Lab projects in collaboration with local, national and international partners. In the final year, you also have the option to go on exchange to an international university or complete a pre-master in preparation for a Master's degree.

Please bear in mind that the G.R.L. programme is selective so you will need to pass a selection procedure before you are admitted.

Student profile

In order to study at U.C.F., you need to be interested in global issues, intellectually curious and willing to take on a challenge. Students are socially engaged, internationally minded and ambitious.


1st year

In the first year, you take introductory courses in Politics, Economics, Psychology, Earth System Sciences, Global Health.You also complete a skills lab which consists of courses in Academic Communication, Language and Culture and Statistics. At the end of the first year, you choose your preferred major, in close consultancy with your Academic Advisor. The majors are Responsible Planet, Responsible Economy & Politics, Responsible Humanity.

2nd year

As well as completing courses within your Major you undertake a Living Lab project with one of our partners and complete a Leadership seminar.

3rd year

In the first semester, you can choose to go on a semester abroad, do an internship or fulfill pre-master requirements at the UG or another national or international university. You also complete a second Living Lab project. Your final year concludes with a Capstone project. The Capstone meets the standards and requirements of academic research but does not have to take the form of a traditional thesis. For example, you could develop an app, film a public service announcement or design a product.

Programme options

  • Responsible Planet (major)
  • Responsible Economy & Politics (major)
  • Responsible Humanity (major)

Admission requirements

Specific requirements / More information
additional subject

As the G.R.L. programme is fully taught and assessed in English, students are required to demonstrate their English skills by sitting an approved English test and achieving a minimum grade.

Some exemptions will be made for demonstrating English proficiency:

  • Applicants with a VWO diploma and a grade of 7 or higher in English
  • Applicants with a secondary school diploma fully taught and assessed in English. This includes applicants with an IB/EB diploma.
assessment interview
knowledge minimum

Due to the content of some courses, we require students to have achieved a certain level of mathematics during their studies. Students need to attain a grade 7 in VWO Wiskund A/ passing grade in VWO Wiskunde B or an international equivalent to be admissible to the programme.

previous education

Students are required to have successfully obtained a secondary school diploma which allows entry to an academic university. Therefore, students need to obtain a Dutch VWO diploma or international equivalent before gaining entry to the programme.

reference letter

Job prospects

Depending on the Master's programme you chose, you could have a career working within an international organization, a non-profit organization or for the local or national government. You make also chose to become an entrepreneur and develop your own sustainable company.

Job examples

  • Policy Advisor
  • Researcher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Development Specialist
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