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The Undergraduate Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program is designed for students that aspire to pursue a professional career in culinary arts and food services. This four (4) year degree program is integrated with Restaurant Management and is one of its kind in Turkey. The program provides a solid baseline with fundamental courses on culinary arts, followed by an enriched array of courses on advanced gastronomy techniques; and later introduces students to restaurant management. During their 4-year period of study, students will learn the secrets of the culinary world and gain hands-on experience by putting their theoretical knowledge into practice in applied courses.

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program has an exclusive partnership with Le Cordon Bleu International and benefits from Le Cordon Bleu International's long-established tradition of culinary expertise and training. Students take the culinary arts courses of the program under the auspices of the Le Cordon Bleu Chef Instructors, who deliver Le Cordon Bleu techniques using Le Cordon Bleu educational materials.

The undergraduate Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program endeavors to familiarize students with the business life through culinary shows and seminars as well as summer internships throughout their 4-year period of study. Our students are required to complete 1200-hour mandatory internship by working 75 business days during the summer term of their sophomore and junior years. Internships are completed at national or international food and beverage companies, reputable restaurants, four or five-star hotels, first-class holiday resorts, airlines or cruise ships.

The program also aims to instill entrepreneurship among students by placing a special emphasis on how to plan, start, develop and manage a food and beverage business. The program will offer students a wide selection of courses on fundamentals of gastronomic practices, baking and pastry, “à la carte” food production, and cold buffet on the culinary arts side, while exposing students to courses on restaurant management, human resources management, service marketing, accounting, finance, computational decision making techniques and leadership on the management side. Students will also have the opportunity to gain expertise and use the preferred and recommended software tools in the industry.

Applied culinary courses will be delivered in five different areas including a full-service restaurant kitchen, a gastrauditorium, a main kitchen, a multi-purpose kitchen and a pastry kitchen, for the first time in Turkey. Our students will cook various dishes from all around the globe and serve them to guests in our 80-person banquet room and 110-person restaurant offering Bistro, Fine Dining and PDR alternatives.

As the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program aspires to provide students with both theoretical and applied education, students are offered a robust multi-media based instruction structured with a wide array of required and elective courses enriched with case studies and sectoral software tools, as well as an interactive simulation program, project and internships aiming to develop students’ practical skills.

The Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program also boasts of its faculty with vast international and academic experience. With its exceptional faculty, the program strives to prepare graduates who are vested with the necessary know-how and skills to start their own business, or serve as chefs and assume senior management positions in international hotel chains, elite restaurants or professional food production institutions.

Last updated Dec 2018

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As a research university, Özye?in University always opens new horizons and presents new opportunities for students to enable them to discover their true competencies. In a quest to have its graduates ... Read More

As a research university, Özye?in University always opens new horizons and presents new opportunities for students to enable them to discover their true competencies. In a quest to have its graduates stand out and be one step ahead of others, Özye?in offers an innovative education model that adds value to its students. Özye?in University’s primary mission is to prepare its students to be resourceful graduates in the world of business, making sure that they know more than one foreign language, acquire new skills through social activities, continuously develop themselves, expand their global vision before graduation through international internship or exchange programs, and always be at the service of society. Read less