BSc in Environmental Science


Program Description

The environmental science program at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, focuses on the natural sciences and how they raise awareness and understanding of the environment.

Program courses explore a science-based focus that enables the understanding of reactions, mechanisms, diversity and impact on the environment. The four-year environmental science program offers in-depth knowledge in two streams – chemistry and biology.

Why study environmental science at Grenfell?

The natural world with its complexity and beauty offers many opportunities to learn. Our environment provides us energy, nourishment, employment and recreation – and to use it properly, we need to understand it.

At Grenfell, the environment is your laboratory. Your professors will encourage you to get involved in their research – everything from the breakdown of pesticides in the environment to the impact of the forest industry on songbird populations.

Grenfell’s environmental science program is a four-year interdisciplinary degree with general or honours options. You will also have the choice of completing one of two streams:

  • biology
  • chemistry

Grenfell’s environmental science program offers a combination of lectures, laboratory work and field courses in a number of required courses and environmental focus areas.

It's local

In western Newfoundland, our environment is a part of our identity. Our economy, our recreation and our health depend on it. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne National Park, is in our backyard. The park has unique geological features and at the Bonne Bay Marine Station, facilities include a laboratory for the observation and study of undisturbed natural systems where students have the opportunity to complete field courses. Our location on the west coast of Newfoundland offers unique opportunities and real life experiences gives you access to various natural habitats, including:

  • Wetlands
  • Boreal forests
  • The ocean
  • River systems
  • Sub-arctic tundra

Our science facilities include a new Arts and Science Building extension houses state-of-the-art chemistry, biology and soils labs:

  • The chemistry lab focuses on the study of organic and analytical chemistry, the study of carbon-based and metallic compounds
  • Two research labs include wet and dry benches for scientific work in the fields of biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science.
  • The biology lab is used for the cultivation of tissue culture and microbiological preparation.

It's affordable

You'll enjoy the lowest tuition rate in English-speaking Canada. The provincial government gives high priority to education, providing extensive funding to Memorial University. This commitment allows us to provide an affordable yet high-quality post-secondary education.

It's personal

Small class sizes mean a more intimate learning experience where your professors know you by name. Our low student-instructor ratio ensures that your learning will be personal and relevant. With just over 1,300 students on campus, you’ll make real connections with your classmates and become an important part of the Grenfell community.

Information for first-year students

Because of Grenfell’s small size, students have ample opportunity to work closely with professors on research projects, and even get to complete their own research projects in their final year.

As a Grenfell student, you can participate in the Student Exchange Program, where you pay Grenfell tuition rates while studying in another student exchange member university in Canada or the United States.


You must meet the general admission requirements for Memorial University and declare environmental science as your major to be accepted to the program. There are several scholarships and awards available to prospective students who are applying to the environmental science program.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the environmental science program can enter a number of different fields; review these categories to learn more about the types of careers you might pursue:

  • Government
  • Higher education
  • Agencies and organizations
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Grenfell Campus, Memorial University is located in Eastern Canada in the city of Corner Brook on Newfoundland's west coast. Grenfell's unique location offers international students a vibrant, friendly ... Read More

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University is located in Eastern Canada in the city of Corner Brook on Newfoundland's west coast. Grenfell's unique location offers international students a vibrant, friendly and safe learning environment. At Grenfell, our class sizes are small, so it's easy to get to know your professors and classmates - you'll feel at home in no time. Read less