BSc in Electronics


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BSc in Electronics

The today's information society is based on the processing and passing on of information. Without electronics, this would not be possible.

For decades, all important technical innovations have contained a substantial amount of electronics. Without this, the internet, mobile phones, comfort functions in automobiles, efficient household appliances and low-priced automatically manufactured products of all kinds would not be conceivable. 80% of all innovations in automotive manufacture are today based on the employment of modern electronics. Electronics makes it possible to find perfectly new beginnings for the solution from many problem definitions to. The electronic engineer is able to examine also the complex set of tasks with systematic methods and compile appropriate. He is able to find in interdisciplinary teams new solutions by the use of technical and social authority.

Starting from the winter semester 2011/2012 at the university Rhine Waal at the location Kleve the English-language Bachelorstudiengang Electronics are offered. The interdisciplinary course of studies develops on the foundation of electro-technology. Apart from a recess in special areas like digital signal processing, mobile electronics or optoelectronics additional qualifications are obtained in material properties, manufacturing technologies, in addition, additional important key qualifications from the ranges management and softly Skills. The ability for teamwork is promoted among other things in this course of studies by two team projects, in which the studying work on interdisciplinary, exciting projects from practice. Excellent professional prospects expect the graduates by the broad area of application of modern electronics in all industrial industries. Cooperative courses of studies Studying and working? That is possible with us. In the occupation-accompanying study, you study in the first 4 terms on 2 days in the week at the university. The other 3 days serves the professional activity. The regular lecture program of the first two terms is completed in 4 terms. Starting from the 5ten term reduces the number of meetings and the self-instruction wins at meaning. Vocational fields and authority Engineers and engineers of electronics are open various vocational possibilities.

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The Rhine Waal University has been in existence since the 1st May 2009, and is an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly modern international university, with Kleve as the main seat of learning and ... Read More

The Rhine Waal University has been in existence since the 1st May 2009, and is an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly modern international university, with Kleve as the main seat of learning and Kamp-Lintfort as a second location. In Kleve, until we can move to the new buildings being built at present alongside the Spoy Canal, you can study as an interim solution in our buildings in Landwehr Straße, or in Emmerich at the former Army Barracks. The Kamp-Lintfort location in Südstraße is also an interim solution, where courses are taking place until moving into their own new buildings in the centre of the city. From 2013, a total of 5000 students from Germany and abroad will be able to enjoy both academic sites whilst completing attractive courses in an open, friendly and personal atmosphere. Our teachers, professors and staff and the pleasant environment of our university also contribute significantly to making our students feel really at home. The subjects covered by our courses are scientific and application-oriented, of the highest standards and of high practical relevance, both in instruction and research. We offer degree programmes in natural, economic and engineering sciences, as well as subjects oriented toward the social and health sciences. On 21 September 2009 we commenced with the winter semester 2009 / 2010 offering our first three Bachelor degree programmes: BioScience and Health, B.Sc., Faculty of Life Sciences in Kleve International Business and Social Sciences, B.A., Faculty of Society and Economics in Kleve E-Government, B.Sc., Faculty of Communications and Environment in Kamp-Lintfort In the four Faculties – “Technology and Bionics” (Emmerich), “Life Sciences” (Kleve), “Society and Economics” and "Technology and Bionics" (Emmerich) and “Communications and Environment” in Kamp-Lintfort – a total of 16 courses have been available at Rhine Waal University since the winter semester 2010 / 2011, 70 percent of which are taught in English. And these numbers are growing each year. Read less