BSc in Business Administration

Lincoln University Of Missouri

Program Description

BSc in Business Administration

Lincoln University Of Missouri


The Business Administration program offered by the Department of Business prepares graduates for entry into domestic or international business positions, including industry, government, and private entrepreneurship. The program exposes the graduates to a broad range of principles, theories, models, experiences, and ethics of business organization, which will enable graduates to succeed in their chosen careers.


All students completing the B.S. in Business Administration will:

  1. Have an understanding of the concepts and theories underlying the operation and management of domestic or international businesses;
  2. Have the technical, problem-solving, critical thinking, and computer skills necessary to perform successfully in industry, government, or private entrepreneurship;
  3. Be able to successfully demonstrate the application of core competencies;
  4. Compare favorable in knowledge and core competencies with students completing a similar program nationally;
  5. Possess the necessary knowledge to pass the Major Field Assessment Test in Business;
  6. Successfully demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Assessment Program

Assessment measures enable Business Administration faculty to determine whether students have adequately satisfied program objectives. Through use of case studies and unstructured problems in performance-based courses, students can periodically review their performance and evaluate their progress. Primary emphasis will be placed on the major field assessment test in business. This assessment test is to be taken by students in their first and last semester. Test results will be included as part of the capstone course grade. Other assessment measures include information obtained from internal exit interviews.

Computer Skills Requirement

Students majoring in programs of the Department of Business will develop hands-on skills in the use of word processing, electronic spreadsheets and data base systems as they pertain to accounting and other business-related operations.

All majors will be required to take BED 208 or demonstrate a comparable skill level through a proficiency examination. This requirement must be met prior to completing the first 60 hours of work or within the first semester of transferring to Lincoln University, whichever is applicable.

Academic Map

Freshman First Semester

  • GE 101 University Seminar
  • ENG 101 Comp. and Rhet. I
  • BED 208 or CS 105 Integrated Computer Applications
  • MAT 112 Applied Algebra
  • BAD 101 Introduction to Business
  • BIO 103 Principles of Biology

Freshman Second Semester

  • PED 1XX P.E. Activity
  • ENG 102 Comp. and Rhet. II
  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • BAD 250 Personal Finance
  • PED 111 Personal and Community Health
  • ENV 103/104 Environmental Science w/Lab

Sophomore Third Semester

  • HIS 205 or PSC 203 U.S. History I or American Nat’l Gov’t
  • ECO 201 Macroeconomics
  • ACC 246 Principles of Accounting I
  • BAD 215 Global Business
  • SPT 206 Fundamental of Speech

Sophomore Fourth Semester

  • HIS 102 World Civ. II
  • ECO 202 Microeconomics
  • ACC 247 Principles of Accounting II
  • BAD 200 or MAT 117 Business Statistics I or Elem. Statistics
  • BAD 275 Business Law I

Junior Fifth Semester

  • BAD 310 Principles of Management
  • MKT 321 Principles of Marketing
  • BAD 376 Business Statistics II
  • ECO 305 Money, Credit and Banking
  • ART, MUS, SPT or ENG Art, music, theater appreciation or literature

Junior Sixth Semester

  • BED 312 Business Communications
  • BAD 338 Human Resource Mgt.
  • BAD 350 Fund. of Financial Mgt.
  • SA 200 American Diversity or other diversity option

Senior Seventh Semester

  • PHI 304 Business Ethics
  • BAD 451 Organizational Behavior
  • BAD 487 Small Bus. Management
  • Business Elective
  • Free Elective

Senior Eighth Semester

  • BAD 490 Business Policy
  • BAD 465 Operations Management
  • BAD 475 Career Preparedness Seminar
  • Business Elective
  • Business Elective
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