BSc in School Education


Program Description


  • Development of appropriate relational skills to perform functions in connection with the education of children, youth and adults - Development of research capacity and critical analysis of information, promoting the construction of a specialized knowledge - Development of ability to communicate, using a variety of languages ​​and supports, including information and communication technologies - Development of autonomy skills for setting personal goals and to build on their learning strategies - Development of team work skills, enriching their training and contributing to the training of others - Development of attitudes and skills necessary to learn how to learn - Developing skills for the use of mother tongue in terms of critical analysis, interpretation and production of oral and written discourse - Developing skills for their production and appreciation of different types of artistic events (musical, dramatic, visual and body) - Development of theoretical and practical knowledge on the human development process in its different stages and their cognitive, moral and socio-emotional - Development of theoretical and practical knowledge on key concepts on the processes of learning and motivation - Developing research skills and analysis of their pre-professional practice experiences


  • Nurseries, Nursery Schools and Childhood-of - art and cultural centers, museums, libraries and play centers - education centers and interactive science and technology - artistic training centers - Occupancy Leisure centers - Extensions educational and leisure Municipal Councils and Parish - Charitable Institutions - Educational Supplement Programs

Entrance Examinations

Candidates must perform one of the following tests: - Portuguese or - or Geography - History or - Biology and Geology or - Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences or - Mathematics.

Last updated February 2016

About the School

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