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Program Description

The Finance program is designed to impart an understanding of the various areas and principles of finance. The intent of the program is to meet the educational needs of students who wish to pursue careers in private or public organizations or graduate studies in finance or business administration by arming the student with a body of specialized knowledge and analytical methods. In addition, the finance curriculum should be of interest to students wishing to enhance their academic background.

Mission Statement

Prepare students for understanding a core set of skills in financial modeling, debt and equity issues, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, risk management, financial reporting and analysis and taxation necessary in the modern corporate finance position.

Vision Statement

Make fundamental contributions to the field of finance, by disseminating the knowledge through teaching and by creating an impact on business practices domestically and globally.

Finance Competencies

Academic Goals

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the various functional areas of financial management in a global setting.
  • Students will apply core knowledge to new and unfamiliar circumstances and unpredictable environments.
  • Students will work effectively on financial projects with people from a variety of disciplines.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in the finance area.

Program Competencies

  • Describe the role of the function of the chief financial officer (CFO) in the management of organizations.
  • Evaluate investment decisions and allocate capital among competing for investment opportunities.
  • Analyze capital markets and how organizations use these markets to acquire capital used to finance operations.
  • Evaluate financial accounting systems and how managers use financial information and budgets to evaluate and control organizations.
  • Determine how organizations finance the daily production of goods and services.
  • Evaluate the used business and financial plans to manage growth and create value.
Last updated February 2018

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