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BSc Equine Science

“Tailor your subject choices to meet your career aspirations”

The BSc (Hons) Equine Science is the longest running degree course at Hartpury College and its success has been largely due to the broad range of subjects offered within the degree. As well as core topics such as anatomy and physiology and animal health, the wide range of optional subject areas allows you to tailor your degree to your career interests or subject strengths. Optional modules available to you include comparative subjects, such as animal genetics or animal microbiology, applied subjects, such as equine behaviour, stud management or equine therapy and advanced research based topics such as sports medicine and equine biomechanics.

The Equine Science degree is aimed at supporting you in developing a strong understanding of equine science the subjects. This understanding can then be applied within the workplace or within further academic study, upon the completion of your degree. Content of the degree will also support your employment routes outside of the equine science field; such as broader animal science and biological science positions.

“A key strength of the Equine Science degree is that it encourages development of transferable skills including communication methods, team work, independent work, interpersonal respect and time management; all vital skills required by employers.”

Learning within the degree is achieved through a variety of methods. For example traditional lectures, laboratory experiments and dissections, yard based work such as lameness assessments and exercise testing. In addition seminars are used to discuss theories and new ideas, and guest lectures and demonstrations give you expert information from industry professionals and researchers.

“Work experience gained during your degree can put you strides ahead”

One of the most unique aspects of the Equine Science degree is the opportunity to complete a sandwich year. This year-long (40 week) placement period enables you to undertake work experience related to the aims of the programme. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain vital skills which can then be embedded within your CV. Previous students have worked at The Royal (Dick) Edinburgh Vet School, research laboratories and top competition and breeding yards, both within the UK and overseas.

Delaware Valley College (DVC) Exchange – “Internationalise your education”

Another unique aspect of the Equine Science degree is the international student exchange programme with Delaware Valley College, Pennsylvania, USA. Students on this exchange programme undertake one semester of academic study at DVC which then counts towards the BSc (Hons) Equine Science. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop more personal skills to add to your CV and gain experience of both the equine industry and the HE culture within another country.

Areas of study include, but are not limited to……..

Level 1

  • Equine health and disease
  • Animal nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Equine industry
  • Equitation
  • Animal genetics

Level 2

  • Stud management and reproduction
  • Equine exercise physiology
  • Equine complementary therapy
  • Equine behaviour
  • Equine nutrition
  • Equine biomechanics and performance analysis
  • Sandwich year based in industry (highly recommended)

Level 3

  • Dissertation and research
  • Analysis of equestrian sporting disciplines
  • Equine behaviour and ethical concepts
  • Nutrition for the performance horse
  • Equine sports medicine
  • Equine therapy and rehabilitation
  • Advanced equine reproductive techniques

“Enjoy the flexibility of trying a module before choosing it!”

Programme overview

BSc (Hons) – D334 A

Length: Three years full-time(Four years if the optional sandwich year is taken)

Part-time option: Yes

Work experience: Optional 40 week sandwich year

Careers: Examples of graduate employment have included Equine Veterinary Nursing, equine facilities managers, veterinary assistants, laboratory researchers, lecturing and teaching, nutritional sales, nutritional development and equine therapists

Academic progression: Masters programmes including the MSc Equine Science; PhD

Entry requirements:

  • Five GCSEs at Grade C or above to include English, Mathematics and Science
  • Two A2s which MUST include a biological science.
  • Tariff points range – 280
  • National Diploma grade DMM in a science subject
  • 25 International Baccalaureate
  • Access course accepted
Last updated Feb 2018

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