The form of Study: Full-time Study

Length of Study: 3 years (6 semesters)

Entrance Exams: Mathematics test and English language test.

The bachelor´s degree study branch Economics and Management offer a field of study for those who are interested in this broad professional area. The study branch is being conceived inter-disciplinarily using the basics of economic and managerial disciplines, quantitative methods, ICT and social science disciplines.

The aim of study here is to practically prepare the graduates for the economic, managerial, entrepreneurial, administration and other fields and activities within the boundaries of both national and international labour market, e.g., for fulfilment of managerial duties at the medium-level management of various types of firms, of State or communal institutions, for the positions in organizations of all the basic sectors of economics, for entrepreneurial activities (proper), for the positions in both national and international organizations and institutions, for involvement in special communities or in non-profit sector.

The graduates obtain advanced knowledge from general economics, management theory, theoretical and practical knowledge from public sector economics, the economics of the firm, finance, credit management, bookkeeping. They understand theories, concepts and methods corresponding to the activities within the domain of production, services, commerce, State administration, the sector of finance and insurance.

The State Final Examination consists of three complex subjects General Economics, Fundamentals of Management, Quantitative Methods.

Graduates of the bachelor´s degree study branch Economics and Management submit their applications to some of the related branches of the master´s degree study or they leave for practice. In practice they are capable of autonomous application of their knowledge gained, in practical activities when fulfilling duties at the level of small- and medium-level firms as creative team members in the area of operational and medium-level management. They find employment in service enterprises, project, and consulting organizations, processing sector enterprises, financial institutions, and authorities. The good level of their preparedness for practice has been testified through the research outcomes on University graduates´ unemployment level published, where for the FEM CULS graduates one of the lowest values has been reported (1.4 % as in the HN on February 19, 2016).


Preparatory Professional and Language Courses (PPL, CŽV)

International Relations Office FEM CULS Prague offers one year and half-year courses leading to studies in accredited bachelor and master study programs taught in English. There isn’t any entrance examination to study in PPL.

Required documents you need to submit for admission in PPL courses leading to studies in accredited bachelor study programs taught in English:

  • A scan of Passport,
  • A copy of the secondary school leaving certificate (a certified English translation of your leaving certificate is required if the original one is not in English),
  • A copy of the transcript of records from secondary school in English with the allocation of hours of each subject taken in secondary school or in the last 4 years,
  • The results of an English language test (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or any other) - not needed if you studied full time in English at least for 2 years,
  • Contact address and phone number for DHL + name of the town where you are going to apply for the visa,
  • A short Curriculum vitae,
  • All applicants must fill in the online application

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated October 12, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sep 2020
3 years
15,000 CZK
per academic year
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Sep 2020