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A major in biology provides the graduate with a variety of courses for a diversity of experiences in biology. This program, offered in Kansas City at our Parkville campus, includes courses in general biology, botany, anatomy, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and research techniques. With the basic core courses, plus required supporting chemistry, mathematics, and elective biology courses, the biology graduate will be prepared for either the workforce or entrance into professional or graduate school. Students are strongly advised to seek either an additional major or a minor to provide for maximum postgraduate opportunities.

The Department of Natural and Physical Sciences welcomes partnerships with appropriate businesses and government agencies to place students studying biology in Kansas City into internship positions in their major or a related field. The Department of Natural and Physical Sciences actively encourages students to work in such internship positions and considers internships to be an integral part of the curriculum.


The students and faculty of the undergraduate Biology program at Park continue to attain high marks in recognizable contributions, research, and scholarly activity.


A broad array of biology-related career options are available to qualified biology graduates, including:

  • Teaching biology in high school
  • Becoming a wildlife biologist
  • Working for a company preparing environmental impact reports
  • Working for a state department of natural resources as a biologist, conservation officer, or water quality specialist
  • Performing research in a pharmaceutical company, a hospital, or for an industrial company such as Quaker Oats
  • Being an inspector for the Food and Drug Administration
  • Earning a Ph.D. degree and obtaining a teaching/research position at a university
  • An undergraduate major in Biology with a pre-med focus is especially recommended for students earning advanced degrees to become physicians, optometrists, physical therapists, dentists or other licensed professionals.



Patty Ryberg, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, has been awarded a $168,000 research grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant, the first NSF grant received by a Park University faculty member since 1993, will establish a paleobotanical research program at Park with a focus on Antarctic fossil plants. Students will study the critical role plants play in the Earth's environment and changing the ecosystem. The NSF grant will fund new microscopes with high-resolution magnification, and it will enable up to 12 Park undergraduate students to participate in stipend research. The students will have access to thousands of Antarctic fossil plants housed at the University of Kansas in Lawrence where Ryberg maintains a research partnership following her post-doctoral fellowship.

Last updated February 2018

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