BSc - Bachelor of Earth Sciences

The subject areas of earth sciences provide general teaching in the fields of the sciences of the Earth, universe and the environment, centered on multi-disciplinary foundations acquired in the BGPC programme (biology, geology, physics, chemistry) of the integration cycle (first year of license) at UPMC. The teaching in earth sciences at levels L2 and L3 correspond to fundamental knowledge – both theoretical and practical – in the discipline.

The objective is to give students an education which combines observations and measurements of land, experiments, and modeling while integrating all of the professions in the sector: geology, paleontology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrology, geotechnics.

The geotechnics option in partnership with the national conservatory of arts and professions is specialization in L3.


Further studies

Master’s degree in sciences of the universe of the environment.

Professional integration

A partnership with the national conservatory for the arts and professions opens the way to professional master’s degrees. A professional license in hydrology (water, quality resources, and the environment) has been available since 2007 (entry at level L3). Students who have this license can also enter teaching careers (primary-school teachers, secondary-school teachers).


The subject area of earth sciences offers TUs that allow for a large scope of choice in the organization of your programme of study.

Level L2

Basics of tectonics and cartography, paleontology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, geophysics, geochemistry, mathematics, and statistics applied to the earth sciences, fieldwork placement, etc.

Level L3

Introduction to hydrology, sedimentology and sedimentary environments, geophysics and the physics of rocks, computer science applied to the earth sciences, surface geochemistry, the geology of France, petrology, fieldwork placements and geotechnical programmes (basics of geotechnics 1 and 2).

Well-targeted public

The subject area of earth sciences is open to students:

- who are looking to be trained for professions related to the sciences of the Earth and environment

- want to work in professions related to the teaching of the sciences of life, the Earth and the universe and who wish to do a programme of study that prepares them for the competitive teaching exams

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