BSc (Hons) in Mobile Computing


Program Description


Flexibility, mobility, and ease of use and access are the trademarks of the current wave of developments in com­puting. This course offers a firm grounding in the principles of computing coupled with a distinctive emphasis on mobile and portable technology. Essential software, information and computer systems skills are acquired by every graduate through a common modular core. The mobile computing world places emphasis on thin-client computing, as it is necessary for the interaction of computationally powerful devices with less capable hand-held and portable equipment. This is built into the course through several Internets related modules.

Who is the Awarding body?

The BSc (Hons) in Mobile Computing and the Mobile Computing Diploma in Higher Education is awarded by Staffordshire University, UK.

What does the Programme contain?

The studies will embrace modern software design methods, databases, commercial applications and the tech¬niques for the specification and build of complex systems utilizing the full range of communications technolo¬gies. Students will be introduced to the underpinning technologies for communications, as well as the current and future standards for mobile computing and to the design and implementation issues of mobile, portable and worn information systems. The course will offer the necessary combination of skills to develop and man¬age the use of mobile computing in the practical business environment.

Where does the Qualification lead to?

Bachelor degree holders of this program will possess a greater understanding of software engineering and information systems development in the mixed scale information delivery and thin client con¬texts, coupled with applicable practical knowledge of mobile and portable computing systems hardware and software.

How much time period does it takes?

The BSc (Hons) in Mobile Computing can be achieved over a minimum period of 4 years.

Program Structure

BSc (Hons.) in Mobile Computing


Last updated September 2019

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