BS Software Engineering


Program Description

BS Software Engineering

An emerging major for fall 2016, the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering is inclusive of computer programming but is concerned with methodologies, techniques, and tools to manage the lifecycle of software. Students will study more than just programming, they will explore:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Requirements and testing
  • Teamwork
  • Project management

The software engineering curriculum provides students a solid background in both the theory and practice of all phases in the software engineering process.

You will develop skills employers are looking for including analytical skills, communication skills, computer skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and being detail oriented.

Computer Engineering or Software Engineering?

Trine University offers both Software Engineering and Computer Engineering. If you're not sure which one is right for you, consider the following:

Computer Engineering is focused on dealing with designing, developing, and operating computer systems. The major concentrates on digital hardware devices and computers, and the software that controls them.

Software Engineering is centered on building and maintaining software systems. It’s a more software-oriented program and has a greater emphasis on large software applications. The major also highlights the entire software development process, from idea to final product, as well as, applying an orderly approach to help ensure that products are safe and reliable.

Careers that are in demand

Software engineering prepares students for careers in software development at small and large organizations worldwide. The working environment of software engineers is team-based and students will gain experience through interactive experiences in and out of the classroom.

Other job opportunities include careers as computer and information research scientists, software development engineer, computer and information systems managers, data engineer, project manager, computer network architects, information security analysts and web developers.

BS Software Engineering Careers

Trine University has offered a minor in software engineering to students interested in learning more about that area for many years. While not a Bachelor degree program until Fall 2016, students have already found careers in the field:

  • Orchard Software Corp., Indiana
  • Ontario Systems, Indiana
  • Epic Systems, Wisconsin
  • Infor Global Solutions, New York

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth of 12-19% for similar professions between 2014 and 2022. The field is diverse and students have many choices when exploring career opportunities.

BS Software Engineering Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering major curriculum requires the completion of 128 hours of coursework. The average course load is 16 hours based on eight semesters.

General Education Requirements – 53 credit hours

  • Written Communication – 6 credit hours
  • ENG 103 – English composition 1
  • ENG 133 – Technical Communication
  • Oral Communication – 3 credit hours
  • SP 203 – Effective Speaking
  • Social Science & Humanities – 12 credit hours

Mathematics & Science – 32+ credit hours

  • MA 134 - Calculus I
  • MA 164 – Calculus II
  • MA 213 – Calculus III
  • MA 393 - Probability & Statistics
  • MA 473 - Graph Theory & Combo –
  • PH 224/L – Physics I with lab
  • PHY 234/L – Physics II with lab
  • CH 104/ or BIO 114/L – Chemistry I with lab or Biology I with lab
  • Math or Science Elective

Program Requirements – 57 credit hours

  • GE 101 - Introduction to Engineering
  • CS 1113 - Computer Programming I
  • CS 1123 - C++ & Object-Oriented Programming
  • SE 153 - Client-side database development
  • CS 2103 - Algorithms
  • ECE 263 - Digital Systems
  • SE 233 - Systems Programming
  • ECE 273 - Microcontrollers
  • ECE 373 - Embedded Systems
  • SE 333 - Software Engineering
  • SE 383 - Computer Security
  • CS 3993 / SE 393 - SW Patterns & Team Development
  • ECE 4002 - Project Management
  • GE 401 - Professional Practice
  • ES 382 - Engineering Economics
  • Contemporary Issues – ECE 4001
  • Senior Design – ECE 4003
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It’s easy to talk about excellence. But it’s another thing altogether to truly commit yourself to it each and every day. To live it. To inspire it in everything around you. At Trine University, this c ... Read More

It’s easy to talk about excellence. But it’s another thing altogether to truly commit yourself to it each and every day. To live it. To inspire it in everything around you. At Trine University, this commitment to excellence has formed the bedrock of our experience for well over a century. Read less
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