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Program Description

Engineering Technologists make the world work better. Product designs evolve and improve as we improve our understanding. Engineering Technologists drive these changes. From audio equipment to vacuum cleaners, designs improve every year as new solutions to old problems become available. One important consideration in the design of this programme is the need for Engineering Technologists who can “cross boundaries”, so Electrical/Electronic Engineers who can discuss ideas and designs meaningfully with Mechanical Engineers and vice versa. This breadth and flexibility of knowledge will almost certainly be viewed as a key skill for future generations of Engineering Technologists.

The first year of all of our engineering degree programmes at the University of Greenwich focuses on the understanding of engineering science fundamental principles. This approach ensures that all of our graduates experience a solid foundation of broad technical knowledge and a working understanding of all the major Engineering disciplines – an essential prerequisite for a successful career in engineering management. At the end of the 1st year, students will be invited to choose to either continue on their initial degree programme or to swap to any of the other engineering degree programmes on offer. We feel it is very important that our students are empowered to be able to choose the degree programmes that are most appropriate for their ambitions and goals and we recognise that those may change during your studies with us as you learn more about each discipline. Engineering at the University of Greenwich. Quality. Industry. Rigour.

Modular Structure

YEAR ONE: Technology Mathematics; Design and Materials; Practical and Experimental Skills; Engineering Professional Skills; YEAR TWO: Engineering Management 1; Mathematics for Engineering Systems; Control And Instrumentation; Computer Aided Design; Options include: Digital Electronic Systems; Analogue Electronic Systems; Multiple Technology Projects; Product Design and Development Engineering Mechanics; Thermofluid Applications 1; Materials Selection and Design; YEAR THREE: Project; Group Design & Project Management; Engineering Management 2; Options include: Hardware Systems Applications; Electronic Systems Development; Power Engineering; Process Improvement Techniques; Quality Engineering; Applied Engineering Mechanics; Thermofluid Applications 2; Operations Management; Process Improvement Techniques; Quality Engineering; Environmental Engineering;

Who is this course for?

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.” Isaac Asimov. Engineers are problem solvers by nature. They typically thrive in the search for new and innovative solutions to problems. They are driven by the desire to make the best, the fastest, the most efficient, the most sustainable. Students on this degree programme will typically be those who are interested in how the modern world works, and how it can be improved further, especially anything new and exciting. People who enjoy the sound of a well-tuned engine, performing maintenance on their own bicycle, or simply taking something to pieces to see how it works are all likely to enjoy studying engineering. However, the modern world of engineering is not just about hands-on activities. Design, elegance and simplicity are all considered increasingly important in the modern world and this degree programme will also introduce you to these more nuanced aspects of engineering. If you have ever wanted to take a hands-on, practically focused approach to engineering then this is the degree programme for you.

Skills and experience gained

The degree programme in Engineering Technology will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to understand, design, develop and refine effective solutions. You will become an efficient and reflective practitioner who takes the initiative to identify traditional and emerging technologies and techniques, and who maintains your knowledge and skills throughout your working life. Your Engineering Technology degree will enable you to identify and exploit new developments in technology and to experiment with new and existing techniques in designing and developing sustainable and innovative devices and products.

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