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BCIS in Japanese Studies

IPU New Zealand

The Japanese Studies major will suit those students wishing to become proficient in the Japanese language, as well as understanding Japanese culture. The significant numbers of Japanese students at IPU New Zealand are a wonderful resource for practicing the language every day. This opportunity, combined with the fact that all IPU New Zealand teachers of Japanese are native speakers, help make IPU New Zealand a leading institution for Japanese studies in New Zealand.

Students who undertake a double-major in their BIS degree with International Business are encouraged to participate in exchange programmes at International Pacific University, Okayama or at Tokyo International Business College. There, they can gain new insights into the Japanese business world, as well as explore the dynamic links between Asia and the rest of the world.

The Japanese Studies major includes the total of 24 papers at three different levels (Level 5: up to a maximum of 12 papers, Level 6: minimum of 4, maximum of 9 papers, Level 7: minimum of 5 papers). To complete your BIS with Japanese Major you must include 8 core interdisciplinary papers, 8 Japanese Language/Cultural specialty papers, 6 more Language and/or Culture elective papers, and further 2 elective papers in the subject areas other than Japanese.

Core language paper

  • 20.501 Contemporary Japanese 1: Practical Japanese
  • 20.502 Contemporary Japanese 2: Practical Japanese
  • 20.503 Contemporary Japanese 3: Practical Japanese
  • 20.504 Contemporary Japanese 4: Practical Japanese
  • 20.509A English to Japanese Translation 1
  • 20.601 Contemporary Japanese 5: Functional Japanese 1
  • 20.602 Contemporary Japanese 6: Functional Japanese 2
  • 20.603 Contemporary Japanese 7: Functional Japanese 3
  • 20.604 Contemporary Japanese 8: Functional Japanese 4
  • 20.609A Japanese to English Translation 2
  • 20.701 Contemporary Japanese 9: Advanced Japanese 1
  • 20.702 Contemporary Japanese 10: Advanced Japanese 2
  • 20.703 Contemporary Japanese 11: Advanced Japanese 3
  • 20.704 Contemporary Japanese 12: Advanced Japanese 4

Other Japanese Language papers for special topics

  • 20.605 Japanese Skills 2 A, B, C, D
  • 20.606 Japanese Advanced II A, B, C, D
  • 20.705 Japanese Skills 3 A, B, C, D
  • 20.706 Japanese Advanced III A, B, C, D

Career opportunities

  • Japanese owned corporations with global networks
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Translation Services
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New Zealand - Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui
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