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A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) can be earned in about four to six years, depending on how much time a student is able to devote to their studies. By earning this undergraduate degree, individuals can have increased employment opportunities, the chance to earn a greater salary, and the ability to be employed doing something they enjoy.

What is a BBA in Public Relations? This four-year degree program qualifies an individual to work in the sector of public relations, working with people and focusing on improving communication between individuals, organizations, and the public. Students learn to improve their leadership, management, and business skills as they take classes that cover digital communications, ethical responsibilities of advertisers, marketing analysis, and appropriate research methods for advertising. Individuals who graduate with their BBA in Public Relations enter the work force with a unique skill set in communication technologies and business interactions, both in-person and online, as well as the necessary skills for a career in marketing, public relations, and advertising. 

Individuals who graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Relations have the ability to communicate effectively with people from all over the world, as well as solve problems creatively, whether individually or within a cooperative team, which makes earning this degree incredibly beneficial for graduates.

The cost of earning a bachelor’s degree can vary depending on each individual school’s tuition rates, fees, and other possible costs. Students who are interested in a certain school are encouraged to contact the learning institution directly in order to get specific information regarding the cost of pursuing their degree.

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations, graduates can find employment opportunities in various public and private sectors, such as advertising, education, healthcare, communication firms, government agencies, and in the financial sector.

There are many options for people interested in earning their BBA. If you are interested in furthering your education and improving your employment prospects, you can start earning your degree today. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor of Business Administration in International Relations

International University Liaison Indonesia
Campus Full time 8 semesters July 2017 Indonesia Tangerang

International relations are discussed, analysed and assessed from a political and socio-economical point of view within the course of study. [+]

BBAs in Public Relations. International relations are discussed, analysed and assessed from a political and socio-economical point of view within the course of study. A logical sequence of Politics, Economics and Law as well as Social Sciences and teaching of sound methodological skills enables graduates to think internationally and transnationally, to analyse problems in a sophisticated way, to abstract and to integrate acquired expert knowledge and methodological knowledge in related fields. So they can easily acquaint themselves with numerous and complex subject areas and independently develop strategies to solve the problems. Furthermore, students acquire near-native fluent command of English including relevant technical terms during all courses since it is a course of study exclusively taught in English. Multidisciplinarity of the course of study provides for the complex connection between aspects of Politics, Economics and Social Sciences of international relations in times of globalisation. Profound knowledge of international relations with local, regional, international as well as global focus are taught with regard to current developments and challenges. Graduates of the undergraduate degree programme possess sound knowledge of basic concepts and methods of Politics, Economics and Social Sciences and are conscious about the requirements of socially responsible action. Fields of activities Possible professions or qualified jobs are: Industrial manager European correspondence clerk Public Relations Manager Foreign language correspondence clerk Qualified bank employee Globalisation and regional integration of political, economical and cultural systems have caused a strong increase of the importance of international issues. That is not only true for international but also... [-]