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Top Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) in Chia Yi Taiwan 2017/2018


A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is awarded to students who complete a four full-time year course study at a university. The subjects of concentration studied for this degree are related to the world of commerce and business.

Taiwan (Traditional Chinese: 台灣 or 臺灣, Simplified Chinese: 台湾 tái wān) is a nation which is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. The most prestigious university is National Taiwan University.

Chia Yi is a legendary city with numerous excellent universities that equip Taiwan students with knowledge and skills. Some of the universities in this city include; Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology, Nanhua University, and National Chung Cheng University.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Nanhua University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Taiwan Chia Yi

The department offers four-year program leading to the Beachelor degroe of Business Administration. An undergraduate student must complete a minimum of 138 credit points. [+]

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) 2017/2018 in Chia Yi Taiwan. Bachelor of Business Administration Introduction Department of Business Administration of Nanhua University was founded in 2000, and Graduate Institute of Management was established in the same time. In 2002, we have the honor to receive the approval from Minister of Education to originate the Ph.D. program. In 2003 Graduate Institute of Management Science was reorganized and renamed from Graduate Institute of Management. In 2007, Department of Business Administration and Graduate Institute of Management Science was integrated. There are three programs in it, including bachelor’s program, Master’s program and Ph.D. program. Department of Business Administration provides multi-directional and high quality of management-related knowledge to specialize students qualified for the competitive business world. Through case discussion and Enterprise visit, we expect to train students’ ability of independent thinking and teamwork sprit. Based on the concepts of combining theory and practice together, we provide courses in marketing management, production management, human resource management, financial management and information management. In addition, we also put following areas of studies into our learning courses. Bachelors program Customer’s Behavior Enterprise Introduction Organizational Behavior Basic Statistics Economics The Customer Relates Management Operation Research Creative Thinking Marketing Survey Masters program Statistic Analysis Quantity Methods Marketing Analysis Innovation Management Systems Thinking Doctors program Research methods Journal discussion Therefore, the courses provided by Department of Business Administration are expected to fulfill the requirement of the real business world and can promote a students’ knowledge and ability for the coming job. Department... [-]