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A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is awarded to students who complete a four full-time year course study at a university. The subjects of concentration studied for this degree are related to the world of commerce and business.

The formal higher education system of Finland is the 7-3-2-2 pattern. The university takes two years in vocational or technical education and finally two-year pre-tertiary education. Finland also has several public as well as private universities that have enabled accessibility of higher education to students.

Kotka is a major port town at the mouth of Kymi River in Finland. It is located at the coast of the Gulf of Finland. It has over 50,000 residents.

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Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business

Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Campus 7 semesters August 2018 Finland Kouvola Kotka Mikkeli + 1 more

The scope of the degree programme is 210 cr, and the duration of studies is 3.5 years. The language of teaching is English [+]

Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business

The scope of the degree programme is 210 cr, and the duration of studies is 3.5 years.

The language of teaching is English.


International Marketing International Trade

The studies will begin in Autumn 2012, forty student places available in Kouvola.

Pursuing challenging careers in international business

The International Business Bachelor’s Degree Programme aims to equip the graduates with the knowledge, skills and understanding required in challenging positions in the expanding field of International Marketing and International Trade. It also strives to produce graduates who can work independently and communicate with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The programme is organised on a full time basis. One year of study equals approximately 1,600 hours’ input by the student. Credits earned at other institutions in Finland or abroad are widely transferable. The studies involve a great deal of project work, group work and independent studying. There are no tuition fees for either Finnish or international full-time students. The International Business students deepen their personal internationalisation by studying or working abroad for one semester (approximately half a year) during their studies. This usually takes place during the 3rd year. The specialisation studies in International Marketing aim at giving students the knowledge and skills to undertake various, demanding tasks in the field of marketing and customer service. Graduates of International Marketing have found positions as Market Supervisors, Team Managers, Development Directors, Sales representatives and Account Managers, etc. International Marketing includes studies in marketing intelligence,... [-]