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Individuals who wish to pursue educational goals after secondary school may choose a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This is an undergraduate degree awarded by academic institutions upon completion of approximately four years of classes.

What is a BBA in Physics? Physics is the science that examines the laws of nature, including the link between matter and energy. Course topics may address theories regarding black holes and subatomic particles. Degree programs typically focus on how the laws of physics apply to engineering, biology, electronics and communications. Concentrations may be offered in computational mechanics, observational astrophysics and the solar system. Collaboration with an academic advisor may enable students to customize the program based on their preferences to serve as a springboard for other fields of study.

Physics students can benefit from many skills attained during the program. Analytical and critical thinking skills can assist in financial management and research. Problem-solving can help individuals move up the corporate ladder and in daily life.

Degree programs in physics can be found at colleges and universities around the globe. Course length and curriculum vary from school to school, and so does the cost. Individuals should contact the schools of interest directly to obtain current information on tuitions and program options.

A degree in physics can lead to careers in a variety of industries. Individuals may find positions as legal research assistants, weather forecasters and fund managers. For students whose chosen curriculum focuses on the universe, a career as astronomer or laboratory assistant can be fulfilling. Government agencies and private sector organizations develop new equipment and devices for consumer and commercial use. Researcher positions in this area are very competitive and can offer higher salaries. Universities employ physicists for academic positions and research projects.

Attaining a BBA in Physics can lead to successful careers. On-site and online classes provide flexibility for active professionals trying to reach their educational goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Memorial University, Grenfell Campus

The physics program at Grenfell Campus will satisfy your curiosity about how the universe works. This four-year bachelor of science program explores everything from the s ... [+]

The physics program at Grenfell Campus will satisfy your curiosity about how the universe works. This four-year bachelor of science program explores everything from the smallest nucleus to the farthest galaxies. Students learn the fundamentals giving them a strong foundation to build on. You can choose your direction of study by selecting courses in subatomic and particle physics, astronomy and cosmology.

Why study physics at Grenfell?

People who study physics want to learn how the universe works. Their curiosity takes them from the realm of the very tiny - the structure of an atom's nucleus - to the very big - the structure of the universe - and everywhere in between! You can learn about astrophysics and cosmology through one of Atlantic Canada’s largest astronomical telescopes right here at the Grenfell Campus Observatory. Or you can explore the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, geophysics, and particle physics. You can shape your program so you concentrate on what most intrigues you. Your physics degree can be completed in four years.... [-]

Canada Corner Brook
September 2019
4 years