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Performing Arts

Upon completing secondary school, students may opt to pursue further education with a BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration. This degree imparts skills and knowledge that help students to succeed in the job market. It can also be the first step to earning an MBA.

What is a BBA in Performing Arts? There are many branches to this degree, and students may choose which one to follow. Typically, there is an instrument, such as piano, violin, or voice, that becomes the focus of study. Students take private lessons upon this instrument, as well as perform in larger ensembles. Courses in music theory, music history, pedagogy, conducting, and composition may also be required.

One of the greatest skills frequently developed by students in the BBA in Performing Arts program is discipline. It takes a lot of discipline to practice hours every day. Other skills might be analytical ability and time management. All of these are useful in many different applications.

The expenses for a BBA in Performing Arts will vary from school to school. Full-time or part-time enrollment, housing, and location of school all affect the cost. Students should contact the schools to ascertain a reasonable cost estimate.

Careers available to the BBA graduate in performing arts go well beyond the standard performer in a band, choir, or orchestra. Many students become teachers or professors. There is also the possibility of a career in commercial music as a composer, recording artist, gig musician, sound engineer, or music copyist. For those interested in arts management, there are jobs as personnel managers and artist managers for large ensembles.

BBA degrees in Performing Arts are offered by colleges and universities both locally and abroad. Some institutions have online coursework, which is a good choice for those needing flexibility. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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