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Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an option for students who wish to study in a business related field. This is an undergraduate degree and it is designed to provide students with an education on fundamental areas of business. They may have the option to specialize in a specific aspect of the field. This degree takes three to four years to complete and once the degree is earned, students will have the skills and knowledge needed to become experts in the industry.

What is a BBA in Natural Sciences? This program’s focus is on giving students a business background with a focus on natural sciences. Students will receive a practical and theoretical education on the environmental issues of today. They may be taught principles regarding nature conservation, which would prepare them for careers in the area. Students may also gain experience in and an understanding of the science of sustainability, which they can apply to a business setting.

There are many benefits of pursuing this degree. Graduates who have earned a BBA in Natural Sciences will have successfully gained the skills, knowledge and experience in the field to apply what they have learned to their career. They may use this to make them competitive in the industry.

The cost will vary depending on the institution at which you wish to earn this degree and its location. Contacting the admissions office of your desired school will greatly assist you in understanding the costs involved as well as whether their program is right for you.

Those with a BBA in Natural Sciences are well prepared with the ability to analyze and solve problems and come up with solutions in the fields of nature conservation and sustainability. They may expect careers in public or private sectors working as sustainability managers, natural science managers and natural resource conservation project managers or may hold positions where they come up with renewable energy and green solutions.

Online classes are an excellent option for local and international students, especially for those with limited access to an institution. This will also give them the flexibility they need. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 

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Memorial University, Grenfell Campus

The physics program at Grenfell Campus will satisfy your curiosity about how the universe works. This four-year bachelor of science program explores everything from the s ... [+]

The physics program at Grenfell Campus will satisfy your curiosity about how the universe works. This four-year bachelor of science program explores everything from the smallest nucleus to the farthest galaxies. Students learn the fundamentals giving them a strong foundation to build on. You can choose your direction of study by selecting courses in subatomic and particle physics, astronomy and cosmology.

Why study physics at Grenfell?

People who study physics want to learn how the universe works. Their curiosity takes them from the realm of the very tiny - the structure of an atom's nucleus - to the very big - the structure of the universe - and everywhere in between! You can learn about astrophysics and cosmology through one of Atlantic Canada’s largest astronomical telescopes right here at the Grenfell Campus Observatory. Or you can explore the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, geophysics, and particle physics. You can shape your program so you concentrate on what most intrigues you. Your physics degree can be completed in four years.... [-]

Canada Corner Brook
September 2019
4 years