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Natural Sciences

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an option for students who wish to study in a business related field. This is an undergraduate degree and it is designed to provide students with an education on fundamental areas of business. They may have the option to specialize in a specific aspect of the field. This degree takes three to four years to complete and once the degree is earned, students will have the skills and knowledge needed to become experts in the industry.

What is a BBA in Natural Sciences? This program’s focus is on giving students a business background with a focus on natural sciences. Students will receive a practical and theoretical education on the environmental issues of today. They may be taught principles regarding nature conservation, which would prepare them for careers in the area. Students may also gain experience in and an understanding of the science of sustainability, which they can apply to a business setting.

There are many benefits of pursuing this degree. Graduates who have earned a BBA in Natural Sciences will have successfully gained the skills, knowledge and experience in the field to apply what they have learned to their career. They may use this to make them competitive in the industry.

The cost will vary depending on the institution at which you wish to earn this degree and its location. Contacting the admissions office of your desired school will greatly assist you in understanding the costs involved as well as whether their program is right for you.

Those with a BBA in Natural Sciences are well prepared with the ability to analyze and solve problems and come up with solutions in the fields of nature conservation and sustainability. They may expect careers in public or private sectors working as sustainability managers, natural science managers and natural resource conservation project managers or may hold positions where they come up with renewable energy and green solutions.

Online classes are an excellent option for local and international students, especially for those with limited access to an institution. This will also give them the flexibility they need. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sustainable Tourism and Nature Conservation

Sustainability Management School
Campus Full time 3 years January 2017 Switzerland Gland

The aim of the three years BBA in Sustainable Tourism and Nature Conservation program is to offer a theoretical and practical degree that addresses challenges in today’s global environments. The program is developed for the students who are aiming for an international career in the tourism or nature conservation sector. This program provides a framework to understand nature conservation and the science of sustainability. [+]

BBAs in Natural Sciences. The aim of the three years BBA in Sustainable Tourism and Nature Conservation program is to offer a theoretical and practical degree that addresses challenges in today’s global environments. The program is developed for the students who are aiming for an international career in the tourism or nature conservation sector. This program provides a framework to understand nature conservation and the science of sustainability. Program Organisation: Content: 30 core and 9 major modules, an intensive research project in Switzerland or on abroad, one project management in the field of Business Policy and Strategy, a work experience (internship) and a final capstone course. Program Experience: As an undergraduate student, you will be exposed to real business operations through regular interaction with the business community and corporate world. SUMAS organizes internships in corporations or volunteering work in NGOs. SUMAS students are constantly involved in projects in collaboration with companies such as Procter & Gamble and Barilla in order to develop a practical approach to integrate sustainability into business. Starting Dates: January and September. During their studies students work with experts in nature conservation to undertake an empirical work. Experiential camps in holiday resorts in the mountains or at the seaside will be helpful to raise awareness of sustainable life and to learn practical solutions to environmental challenges. For example, students can develop practical projects in the Green Economy Camp in Paro (Bhutan) or join a Bioenergy program in Brazil, under the careful guidance of professionals and professors. Career Opportunities: This program will prepare students for a wide range of careers which require the ability to analyse complex problems in the field of sustainable tourism and nature conservation and to reach sustainable solutions. Students will gain a deep understanding of nature conservation which will provide them with valuable grounding if they wish to work in the public, private sector or in NGOs. Requirements for the Bachelor's Program: - Signed application form & 2 passport photos - Photocopy of a valid passport or ID - Official certified high school transcripts and diplomas with certified translation if not originally in English - Official certified university transcript (if applying for transfer of credits) - CV / Resumé indicating both complete education and any work experience in reverse chronological order - Motivational Letter indicating why the student chooses Switzerland, why Sustainability Management School, what the student plans to study, how long it will take, what degree(s) the student intends to achieve, and the student’s plans to leave Switzerland after completing his/her studies (mandatory for students in need of a visa or a permit) - If you are not a native English speaker, or if you have not spent the last 3 years in an English-taught school: TOEFL (minimum score of 550 PBT or 80 IBT), or IELTS (minimum score of 6.0), or other Standardized English Placement Exams. To submit the TOEFL test score to the Sustainability Management School automatically, please enter SUMAS's TOEFL® Institutional Code number - 4629 when you take the test. - Application fee of 200 CHF for EU Students / 500 CHF for non-european students Total Fee - Year 1: 33,000 CHF - Year 2: 36,000 CHF - Year 3: 39,000 CHF SUMAS does not currently offer any scholarship programs or grants. [-]

Agribusiness and Business Administration (BBA)

Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Netherlands Velp

The Bachelor´s programme in Agribusiness and Business Administration was developed to meet the demand for graduates who can back up product knowledge with marketing skills! If you can picture yourself working in the bustling agribusiness industry full of intense exchanges, loud negotiations and on-the-spot decision-making, then this study programme is the right fit for you! [+]

Study Agribusiness and Business Administration Sooner or later you realise that the world is your workplace. For instance when you find yourself in Holland, purchasing a batch of Kenyan roses that has to be at a Paris flower market tomorrow. A fast and dynamic world, where expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and communication skills are essential. The Netherlands is a leading player in international agricultural trade, not just in foodstuffs, but also in flowers and ornamental plants. There are various job opportunities with the important traders and growers. You can also start your own company. This business requires a thorough knowledge of the entire chain from producer to consumer: knowledge of import and export, production and innovation, trade and logistics, marketing and quality management, transport and storage. For the expertise and skills that bring success in this exciting world, look no further than VHL. During placements you will gain practical experience in an industry or a trading house, at a processor or a logistic services provider. Subject-specific courses and training will add depth to your studies and ensure you develop the social and communication skills that round off your performance as a professional. Enrol in our programme in Agribusiness and Business Administration and develop into a horticultural professional with marketing skills or a trader with a green thumb. Join us and become an export manager for a cheese producer, a marketing manager for a big fruit and vegetable grower, or an account manager for a trader in organic produce with B-to-B clients. You could also excel as an importer in the flower trade, travelling the world to find new suppliers. You can specialise in the following professional field: •International Business in Food and Flowers You will be following objective specific courses, doing practical periods and preparing an exciting graduation assignment. In the third or fourth year you will make a choice out of many available minors. A minor is actually a short course of your own choice. It can be specialistic or broad, in which case it can add to your interests and talents. The programme is competency based: each theoretical subject supports workgroup situations in which students tackle practical problems and explore workable solutions. This means that you will be active from day one, learning to work independently as you collaborate with others. The programme culminates in practical placements and a thesis project conducted in an international setting. [-]

BBA in Environment and Property Management

JinWen University Of Science And Technology
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Taiwan Taipei

The 20th century industry automation, the information, has created the economic development; But relatively has also had the environmental pollution and question of the global climate change. [+]

BBAs in Natural Sciences. The 20th century industry automation, the information, has created the economic development; But relatively has also had the environmental pollution and question of the global climate change. The environmental pollution has become the transnational question: The environment will be the trade, the environment is the diplomacy, the environment guarantees the question is the future main axle. The environment question non-pure engineering technology can solve, must because of the social cognition, the crowd psychology gather the harmony, as well as with during other species respect ethics, achieves the natural care with to continue forever to develop.    This school considers the complexity and Importance of environment question in the future, in 1999 established the department of environmental management, and draw up the related curriculum in view of the future trend of development to plan. Its basic study gate had still covered disciplines and so on economy, society, ethics, psychology except the ecology gate outside.    The department response the needs of society and coordinates the Executive Yuan present stage demand in accordance to the social regarding the domestic future human resources demand plan, According to the Agreement of the Ministry of Education from 2006 to change name as “Department of Environment and Property Management”, and divide the curriculum into two parts : “the Environmental management course” and “the Property management course”. After the name change, needs of related teachers and equipment, majority taken by original equipment and teacher of the department, the partial practice and the specialized curriculum, will invite from the field.    After 921 big earthquakes and SARS epidemic situation dissemination, our country's sightseeing industry had once come under the serious attack; Furthermore, along with the enhancement of the national income, more earnest regarding the environment good management's demand, the specialized property management skill to provides safe and the high quality living conditions reality is urgent. Therefore establishment of the related department to impel the environment and the property related research and the teaching is very important. At present ,the nation has no related branch in the establishment, the department plans in the existing foundation the curriculum design, develops in already some standpoints, may also guarantee the teaching quality for student's employment and to enters a higher school . Director's invitation     The society must progress, the country to develop, walks into the era of knowledge economy, besides must develop the high value added knowledge industry, needs the good life quality, but along with the national income the enhancement, is also more earnest regarding the environment good management's demand, these with manage the maintenance with the environment and the property good plan to have the close relationship properly.    The environment and the estate management is the name change comes by this school original environment and the estate management, strengthens the estate management aspect in already some good teachers and in equipment's foundation in accordance to the time demand the curriculum, may coordinate the present stage state economy development regarding the property manpower need.    The environmental protection in domestic is relying on “is most honored” the development path, from the protection natural ecology continues forever the education, the environment science and technology which the promotion produces cleanly, but to the high quality environment life's estate management, has the different curriculum project and the course content in accordance to the different time's demand. Welcome to join the grummet big family, you will have the dissimilar feeling and the life! Department head: Professor Lin Tsung-Sung respects invites. Educational goal (1)“the graduation is the employment” “one goes to school with the employment the counselling idea establishment councils of labor affair card to illuminate “the technique branch examination place” finally” the specialty classroom, will concern the professional skill curriculum, (gentleman) examines the standard by councils of labor affair's technical expert, sets up the useful test place in the school, enables the student after studying the curriculum namely to be possible to obtain the related card to illuminate. And counsels wants to enter a higher school outstanding schoolmate, goes study to the domestic and foreign related research institutes. (2) “topic namely specialized” “technical specialty” with technique duty education idea establishment “practice topic” practice research, “finally one” the technical teacher instructs to achieve the effect which the skill grows. Originally is regarding handles curriculum of the special study in three schoolmates, the specially appointed teacher discusses by each schoolmate on own interest and the department in the great 31 year must conduct the research the topic. Causes the student by the special research to foster the keen environment question power of observation and the analysis skill. (3) “the education is the life” “the personality fosters” the study which illustrated by the environment achieves with the body and mind counselling idea grows the student environmental awareness the effect. The study is raises the environmental awareness from making the best way, originally is and the social Guanzhong school (association) the meeting, jointly manages “the environment narrator” the training, grows student's environmental awareness by this way, lets the student in the activity which illustrated by the participation environment achieve deeply loves the environment the mind. (4) “the network is the classroom” “the long-range teaching” penetrates “the network platform” with the schoolwork counselling idea, “the environment focal point” the computer network discusses the teaching to achieve the society study together the effect. Raise of the strengthened environment information ability, like the geography information system, the environment quality simulation and so on, takes advantage of the way to train the student in high tech society's computer information ability. Course plan 1. first grade : (foundation ability discipline): Calculus, economic, econology, environment basic science, environmental management introduction, estate management introduction 2. second grade ; (foundation special disciplines): Statistics, environment number Neo-Confucianism, the autecology, the environment project introduction, the environmental sanitation management, the property business management, the environment laws and regulations and property laws and regulations Shui Chuli the project 3. third grade (enter step special disciplines): The water and the waste water analysis, the air quality analysis, the practice special study, continues forever to develop, the air-conditioning plant with the indoor air quality energy, the source and the resources 4. four grade (integration special disciplines): The property information management system management system, the environment geography information system, the environmental effect appraisal, the property guest obeys disciplinary measures the principle, the industrial ecology, the hilly land care, the metropolis renewal estate management. Present situation Class and grade and teacher The department recruits day-time four year system of university of science and technology one class every year (small and beautiful) Now has 1 ~ 4 grade, the student has approximately 200 Specially appointed teachers are eight (seven people have doctorate) Specially appointed teachers to have three people to have the technician license, five people have the practice experience (government and folk enterprise). The specialized classroom practice room/counts six districts 1. The environmental monitoring specialized classroom (has completed, 85 m2 ) 2. The environment precision instrument specialized classroom (has completed, 85 m2 ) 3. The environmental safety determination specialized classroom (has completed, 85m2 ) 4. The environment information system specialized classroom (has completed, 80m2 ) 5. The environment information and the air simulation room (have completed, 40m2 ) 6. Water treatment practice and card according to examination place (in design, 100m2 ) The resources for common uses In the school 1. Department support: The department of English, the capital pipe arrangement, business pipe arrangement, specialty of teacher the view optical system supports 2. Computer classroom (commercial coverall software, programming language, environment information system) 3. Seeing and hearing classroom (environmental science, environmental management, ecology and so on related curriculum) 4. The language classroom (English listens, specialized English, the second foreign language) Cooperative system plan 1. The country branch meets the special study plan. 2. The Government department entrusts the special case plan, including the Ministry of Education, environmental protection bureau, councils of labor affair, county municipal government and so on. 3. Folk enterprise, Consultant firm, financial group legal people and so on. The vision of the Department Development targets    The Department is for in accordance to society's demand, by owing to all teacher more than one year of discussion, and after is serves the conference as well as originally is the curriculum plans the suggestion which the committee and the field expert provide, department's name will change name from 2006 by “the environment and the property management department” as “the environment and the property management department”, and will divide into the curriculum “the environmental management course” and “the property management course” two broad headings. This name change, besides demand in accordance to the social, may also coordinate the Executive Yuan present stage regarding the domestic future human resources demand plan, in which “the property management” the project already is the future ten year ten big emerging service industry, but the present domestic various universities all not set up this type the related branch department, therefore originally is changes name after “the environment and the property management department”, may in accordance to the domestic and foreign environmental trend, the promotion living conditions the effective management, and continues forever, life converting into resources, the production efficiency toward the ecology the goal, uses the education function and the research development fully, at the right moment adjusts the curriculum, substantial teacher equipment, promotion research of the atmosphere, take the time cultivation country environment care, the environmental management and the estate management talented person as a goal. Development priorities    Department's new curriculum can raises the student practical comprehensive theory and the practice, inspires the student to discover that the environment and the property management question, and further raises solves the question potential, ability of by the environmental management course raise good environmental protection and the policy plan, knows by the property management course study specialized living conditions management energy, has the direct benefit improvement of care and the living conditions regarding the domestic natural environment. But environmental management's practice operators and property management's first line service personnels are need the massive human resources investment extremely the industry, originally will be will change name by “the environment and the property management department” after “the environment and the property management department” walks into the employment work place regarding the student to have the direct help. The characteristic of the Department 1. “the environmental management technology” is the curriculum center, take “property management practice” as focal point. 2. As well as “complete practice assistance” looks after the student by “the consummation employment preparation” 3. to provide “the outstanding specially appointed teachers” and “Rich experience part-time teachers ”to be the teaching group. 4. Construction of “the student special topic study system” as well as “the teacher teaching evaluatation system” to guarantee the teaching quality 5. Establishment of“ the teaching for license tests” and “the classroom is the examination place” the license teaching system. 6.“the teaching system take keeps pace with the theory and the practice” and “enters a higher school with gets employed 100%” 7. “three teachers counseling system” and “the sandwich teaching system” as the teaching goal 8. “the environment project's property management” and “the property management's environment technology” as the priority of the development of department Employment    Student's employment in the government apparatus may be the environmental protection bureau, the ministry of economic affairs, the councils of labor affair, the Council of Agriculture (COA), as well as environmental protection of unit in all levels of the government and so on. Also could be in the ecology care personnel in the country park. And could be in the environmental project, the appraisal in the Consultant firm and so on professional, or boundary management system management system ISO-1400 manages consultant the personnel. And could be in of environmental protection of personnel various factories in the enterprise, safety and health specialists. May serves in the folk to various estate management organization and the environment science and technology management company. The assistance aspect for getting high degree    Students Had pursues advanced studies in the environmental management related research institute of various domestic and foreign universities, and performance is outstanding. [-]