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Many students see a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as the first step in a successful business career. Adding language study to the core curriculum of a two- to four-year BBA is a great way to enhance employability. Mastering two or more foreign languages enables graduates to operate confidently in today’s global arena.

What is a BBA in Languages? This undergraduate degree incorporates an extensive business curriculum, including courses in business administration, finance, business operations and accounting. In addition, most language BBA programs also provide for the intensive study of two or more languages in combination with learning or improving English language skills. Written and verbal communication skills are emphasized and practiced so as to result in a high level of proficiency. Language courses offered through a BBA degree focus on practical fluency and business communication.

A BBA in Languages offers the advantage of combining business skills with fluency in multiple languages. Today, when many corporations have branches in several countries, multilingual employees are in high demand.

The cost of a languages BBA program will vary depending on the specific school that offers it. Students who are thinking about starting such a program should contact schools directly to determine if a program is a good fit.

BBA graduates in a language program are prepared for a wide array of entry-level positions in many types of businesses and industries. Their language skills give them the advantage of being eligible for positions abroad or positions that entail frequent communication with overseas clients, businesses or production facilities.

The knowledge of several languages is advantageous for anyone wishing to pursue a career in business. A BBA in Languages offers everything students need to succeed in today’s era of globalization. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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