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Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) involves enrolling in a full-time study of commerce or business. Most universities require four years of full time classes to qualify for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

The formal higher education system of Finland is the 7-3-2-2 pattern. The university takes two years in vocational or technical education and finally two-year pre-tertiary education. Finland also has several public as well as private universities that have enabled accessibility of higher education to students.

Though part of the Uusimaa region, Ekenäs city is located in the Province of Southern Finland. The city has a population of over 15,000 inhabitants.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time August 2017 Finland Kuopio Ekenäs

The BBA Degree Programme in International Business at Savonia UAS aims at developing focused expertise in foreign trade. [+]

BBAs 2017 in Ekenäs Finland. Goal: The BBA Degree Programme in International Business at Savonia UAS aims at developing focused expertise in foreign trade. To reach this goal you will develop knowledge gradually, along the years and will gain a profound ability to work within an international working environment. Your future career doesn’t necessary take you abroad as multicultural and multinational workplaces can be found right here in Finland as well. Practical tools for your future career BBA graduates are prepared to face continuous change in the global business field and are sensitive to the requirements set by international partners. BBAs are especially skilled in the practicalities of the internationalisation process, thus in a good position to assist eg SMEs in starting international trade. They operate fluently within multicultural teams and are able to guide their team towards set goals. BBAs have an open mind towards developing new ways in not only business but also in well-being at work as well as their own expertise in the field. BBAs will work, among other things, in import-export, international sales and customer care, logistics and other international activities. Specialisations: Specialisation of the programme is International Trade Expert, with emphasis on internationalisation of SMEs and the practicalities of international trade. Content of Studies: Studies at Savonia are practically oriented and versatile. Projects and cooperation with the surrounding community, businesses and institutions as well as foreign partners and fellow students are integrated in the everyday life of our students. Each year the studies have... [-]