Undergraduate Studies in Finance and Economics

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year program that focuses on business and organization principles. This degree can offer training in practical management as well as offer opportunities to direct and lead projects. BBA programs can prepare students to successfully take on administrative roles in their future careers.

What is a BBA in Finance and Economics? This degree educates scholars on key business ideologies and may include classes about economic theory, bank regulation, and international finance. Students can be prepared for careers within financial institutions and the government. By taking this program, participants can be equipped with the right knowledge and resources to understand modern finance theory and how to apply it to real life.

There are many benefits of this degree, such as learning how to finance. With their business and management skillsets, program graduates can learn how to use quantitative methods to analyze and solve economic issues. Learners can also learn how to communicate clearly and effectively.

The cost of taking a BBA program varies from school to school. Tuition and fees may rise or lower in cost depending on the location of the chosen institution.

Careers in finance and economics are usually fairly simple to find because this field is quite applicable to the real world. Some available jobs may include data analyst, economist, and statistician. In the business field, learners may choose to become bank tellers, sales managers, or insurance agents. In the government field, scholars can become economists or research supervisors. The federal government has many entry-level positions for those who obtain an undergraduate degree. If these don’t appeal to graduates, they have the choice to become entrepreneurs instead.  

Although there are many locations worldwide that allow interested parties to earn a BBA in Finance and Economics, there may also be online programs available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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B.B.A. Finance

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen
4 years

Our Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance allows you to acquire the analytical skills, practical experiences and global vision needed to overcome the challenges in th ...

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