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A BBA is a Bachelor in Business Administration, an undergraduate degree program that prepares students to work in the business side of a variety of different industries. Students pursuing this program are encouraged to study a wide variety of business topics, including management, marketing, accounting and human resources. The ultimate goal is to build well-rounded business executives who can adapt to many different work environments.

What is a BBA in Fashion? The answer to this involves an understanding of the width and breadth of the fashion industry as a whole. While fashion employs many creative people who design and create clothes, it also has a flourishing business side. Those involved in fashion on the business end may create marketing for new fashion lines, manage supply lines for major clothing retailers or complete the accounting for some of the top fashion houses.

A fashion degree is a good way to learn about the business side of the fashion industry. These are great skills to have if you are planning on starting your own fashion line, or if you simply want to be closer to the industry without actually becoming a designer.

The cost of a degree in fashion varies depending on what school the student chooses to attend. It is important to remember that a BBA is generally a four-year degree program and costs should be calculated accordingly.

Those with a bachelor's degree in fashion can work for fashion houses or for major retailers that sell clothing. They can be involved in management, finances, marketing or human resources. Since BBA degrees are designed to give students an overview of many different fields related to business, they also provide the opportunity to move between departments at a given company.

Getting your BBA in Fashion online is a great way to do so at a low cost and from anywhere in the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Northwood University

As an FMM graduate, you can experience a plethora of career options. Would you like to be a merchandise buyer, merchandise planner, fashion journalist, market researcher, ... [+]

Step, step, step, step, pause. Hand on the hip, turn, turn, spin. You applaud, but not for the model.

That was a fine piece of fashion, the music was right on cue, and the lighting set the perfect mood. Fashion runs in your blood. You understand its importance. You see it when you go into the stores—how the pieces are put together on the mannequins, how the prints and fabric textures work together like art. You buy fashion magazines only to tear out ads that you find inspiring, creative, and desirable. What we wear influences perceptions—of ourselves, of others, and of our culture. Before the first word is spoken, we draw an impression; and you know the first one is the most important.... [-]

USA Midland
September 2019
4 years
LIM College

From conception and development through communication and selling merchandise, this major will prepare you to take your fashion career in almost any direction. ... [+]

Fashion Merchandising

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS), Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS in Fashion Merchandising & Management)

From conception and development through communication and selling merchandise, this major will prepare you to take your fashion career in almost any direction.

Some of the Courses You Can Take Digital Tools for Fashion Presentations Event Planning Essentials Fabric for Fashion Product Development and Merchandising Retailing: Global & Omni, Sustainability and the Future of Fashion Some of the Careers You Could Pursue Buying Digital Trend Forecastin... [-]
USA New York
September 2019