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A BBA is a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The focus is usually on business administration and commerce. Many programs allow students to choose a concentration in which to specialize.

What is a BBA in Environmental Studies? It is an undergraduate degree that combines business and environmental studies courses into one program. Many programs offer a traditional core of business classes with a heavy load of environmental studies electives. Students may learn about business models that take into consideration environmental sustainability. You might take courses such as U.S. environmental regulations, fundamentals of ecology, principles of marketing, vegetation management, ecosystem restoration and management, and global business perspective.

Program participants often gain valuable leadership skills while working through such a program. Many employers are willing to advance individuals showing leadership initiative faster. As a student, you may also gain problem-solving skills in a dynamic environment. You may learn to base decisions on multiple perspectives. You may also gain communication skills and learn to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds.

The cost of tuition may fluctuate depending on the school you choose to attend. Location, program length and program requirements may all affect the cost of attendance. The admissions office of the school of your choice can offer detailed information regarding enrollment fees.

Graduates with a BBA in Environmental Studies usually have the ability to apply economics to environmental concerns related to climate change and natural resources. This makes you uniquely qualified for a variety of careers in business and the environment. You may be prepared for roles such as manager, lobbyist, marketer, consultant and advocate. Careers may be available in government institutions, commerce, non-profit organizations and industry.

Today, many degrees are offered online. This allows you to earn a degree while working around life’s many obstacles. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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JinWen University Of Science And Technology

The 20th-century industry automation, the information, has created the economic development; But relatively has also had the environmental pollution and question of the g ... [+]

The 20th-century industry automation, the information, has created the economic development; But relatively has also had the environmental pollution and question of the global climate change. The environmental pollution has become the transnational question: The environment will be the trade, the environment is the diplomacy, the environment guarantees the question is the future main axle. The environment question non-pure engineering technology can solve, just because of the social cognition, the crowd psychology gather the harmony, as well as with during other species respect ethics, achieves the natural care with to continue forever to develop.

This school considers the complexity and Importance of environment question in the future, in 1999 established the department of environmental management, and draw up the related curriculum in view of the future trend of development to plan. Its basic study gate had still covered disciplines and so on the economy, society, ethics, psychology except for the ecology gate outside.... [-]

Taiwan Taipei
September 2019
4 years