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Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) involves enrolling in a full-time study of commerce or business. Most universities require four years of full time classes to qualify for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

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Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

International University of Catalonia
Campus Full time 10 semesters September 2017 Spain Barcelona

At UIC Barcelona we aim to achieve excellence. This is why we do not limit ourselves to offering degrees. We would like you to have the highest number of professional opportunities possible which is why we offer programmes that are UNIQUE here in Spain. Choose one of our double options and you will become a highly competitive businessperson. [+]

BBAs in Engineering. Discover Barcelona through to our double business degrees At UIC Barcelona we aim to achieve excellence. This is why we do not limit ourselves to offering degrees. We would like you to have the highest number of professional opportunities possible which is why we offer programmes that are UNIQUE here in Spain. Choose one of our double options and you will become a highly competitive businessperson. 5 reasons to take these double degrees International agreements We hold Erasmus and Bilateral agreements with highly prestigious universities. These include the University of Berkeley, which is the top state university in the world and also ranks among the top 5 globally. Work experience during your degree programme We have a wide range of work placements available in companies, offices and institutions, both nationally and internationally. Individual attention We care about your personal development. Apart from having an approachable teaching body we also have a coaching and advisory service to help develop your skills and competences. Frontrunners in labour insertion 90% of our students find work once they finish university. A practical approach Our professors are in direct contact with the professional world which means there is a strong practical approach to our subjects due to the use of case methodology. Business + Law The best professionals with a multidisciplinary business and legal profile. Two degrees that multiply your job opportunities. An open world of possibilities The Double Degree of Law and Business Administration trains professionals with a great knowledge in the legal and business world. It is a profile with a high demand in marketing, finance, human resources, lawyer firms, consulting groups and international organizations. It gives a complete education and a multidisciplinary point of view that allows students to work in a wide range of professional areas. Reasons to study this degree Five years that multiply your opportunities In just 4 years you will obtain the Degree in Law. With just one more year you will complete the second degree in Business Administration. Students with a multidisciplinary profile You will acquire a wide point of view in companies and organizations. Personalized advice Each student counts with an advisor-mentor from the very first year. The UIC offers simultaneous studies in BA and Law for those who would like to combine training in business administration with knowledge that is specific to legal practice. This double degree in BA and Law in the UIC is spread over 5 years, with students being allowed to take the course at times that are 100% compatible. At the end of 4th year, students will receive their first official qualification, in either BA or Law, depending on the degree they have decided to start off with. In order to manage to satisfactorily complete such an ambitious programme, the curriculum ensures that between 33 and 39 credits are taken per semester, in other words, around 72 per year. This demanding curriculum recommends that only students who have an academic record that demonstrates a strong work ethic will be admitted onto this programme. One of the distinguishing features of UIC programmes is the desire to respond to the real needs of society. For that reason, and due to our awareness of the current climate, we have opted to place an international and practical emphasis on carrying out the various tasks in the business and legal world. The positive professional results obtained by former students, and the trust placed in the UIC by numerous companies and offices, guarantee the quality of our academic programme, which places itself at the service of society. Business + Engineering In only 5 years you will have two degrees and a Master’s degree. Joint programme along with the Polytechnic University of Turin. This 5-year option gives students the opportunity to do part of their coursework at the Politecnico di Torino. Students enrolled in this track obtain a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the UIC, a degree in Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, and a Master's Degree in Business and Production Systems, with the studies for this degree being done in Barcelona and Turin. Students interested in earning an advanced Engineering degree must study in Turin for one more year. Programme advantages: Two official degrees + master’s Command of two foreign languages Required work experience: national + international Solid instruction in technology used in the company environment Internationally-oriented career approach Specialisation Reasons to study 88% of Business students have found work According to the latest AQU (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency) questionnaire, 88% of our graduates in Business Administration find work after graduating. Work placements in the most prestigious companies More than 320 work placement agreements with companies such as ERNST&YOUNG, KPMG, MANGO, ROCHE, etc. We maximise your skills and competences Through counselling and coaching we develop personalised programmes in order to maximise the skills and competences demanded by companies. Business + Humanities Enrich your business education with humanistic knowledge, which is necessary to face global challenges. What is it? Studying simultaneously the Degree of Humanities and Cultural Studies and the Degree of Business Administration, your professional opportunities will increase considerably. You will acquire a technic training related on business world and a great critical spirit. This programme will give you the necessary skills to have a deep and open intellectual mind focused on the humanistic knowledge as a compliment to your business training. Reasons to study this degree Multiply your chances With a Double Degree you will have much more career opportunities and labor chances. Global vision of companies and world We prepare professionals of Business Administration with a humanistic training. We collaborate with external professionals You will acquire a training from the best qualified lecturers of the field. Business + MBA Iona College In only five years you can complete an MBA in New York and obtain a Visa to work there for a year. What is the MBA Fast Track Program Iona College and UIC Barcelona jointly offer the UIC-Iona Fast Track MBA Program, which is a great opportunity for Business Administration and Management (ADE) students to go to New York and obtain an MBA from the Hagan School of Business in only one year. This is an exclusive program offered to UIC Barcelona students that has multiple advantages: Obtaining an MBA in 1 year instead of two which is the normal duration of a standard MBA program. A specific coordinator to attend to the needs of the students on the programme. A saving of almost 9.000 dollars. Obtaining a visa which allows students to work for a further year in the US once they finish their MBA. Studying at IONA College Iona is a private university located only 30 minutes from the centre of Manhattan. It has almost 4,000 students, including international students from more than 30 different countries. It is one of the most highly accredited colleges in New York. The feeling of community, a welcoming environment, academic challenges, diversity and commitment to the mission and service are some of the reasons that make this institution proud. Strong points of IONA Academic rigour IONA is one of the most highly accredited institutions in New York and allows you to develop skills based on a practical approach and the critical thought that is so necessary in the world of work. Individual attention One professor to every 15 students. Iona College’s International Student Programs & Services (ISPS) Special attention paid to international students, which is committed to ensuring that international students feel welcome and part of the IONA College family. From the first moment that you aim to study at IONA the ISPS team will help you to have the best experience and achieve the best possible terms at all times. A strong Alumni network You will have a wide range of contacts with more than 40,000 former students who are executives, global leaders, digital pioneers and innovative thinkers who aim to support you in achieving your objectives and can act as mentors as well as offer you work connections. Competitive skills IONA aims to help you develop leadership skills which will be useful in the world of work. Your investment will have a high return in terms of your CV. There is a reason IONA is always awarded a good position in the national rankings. [-]