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A BBA, also known as a Bachelor of Business Administration, is an academic achievement that indicates proficiency in the areas of business and commerce. Most BBA programs take about three or four years to successfully complete.

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a unitary constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments.

This port city has become popular among students. Its vibrant ambience and top class education centres have resulted to this. Many students like a simple and easy life as they undertake their studies; and this what Cartagena offers.

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Bachelor In Economy

CECAR - Corporación Universitaria del Caribe
Campus Full time 8 semesters January 2019 Colombia Cartagena

Double Degree with the Business Administration program. [+]

BBA Degrees 2018 in Cartagena Colombia. ADVANTAGEDouble Degree with the Business Administration program.Vocational training in 8 Semesters.Benefit with Internationalization Scholarships and Agreements to study a semester in another country.Investigative Discipline focused on the problems of the Region.Learn Business and Stock Market at the Point of the Stock Exchange of Colombia in CECAR.Library with Quality Certification.The program belongs to the Research Group on Socioeconomic, Administrative and Accounting Studies ESAC - Category A, unique in the Region.Teachers Researchers categorized in Colciencias in (Seniors, Associates, and Junior).It has three centers of social projection: Business Office, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Center and the Point of the Stock Exchange of Colombia in CECAR.Accounting and Fiscal Support Center NAF.Teachers with master's degree in the disciplinary area.Program member of the Colombian Association of Faculties, Programs and Departments of Economy - AFACODE -, of the Observatory of the Labor Market in Sucre COMTS and the National Federation of Students of Economy - FENADECO.Identity factor: aims at socioeconomic development for regional competitiveness.PROFESSIONAL PROFILE... [-]