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A BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a program that focuses on the different aspects of business practices. It can prepare graduates for a career or lay the foundation to get their MBA. Classes can be taken in a traditional classroom or online.

You may be wondering, what is a BBA in Arts? The arts are a vast focus, and this program may encompass many of the different areas or focus more on one or two particular specialties. The different areas may include fine arts, photography, illustration, dance, graphic design, interior design, architecture, poetry, music, or fashion design. Each program will vary, but students will usually be given many opportunities to stretch their creativity as they study and practice the different art forms.

The career field of art can be very competitive, and students who earn a degree in arts often have an advantage over those who haven’t taken formal classes or training. For those who are already creatively-inclined, a more structured program can help them learn additional skills and focus on making a career out of it.

There are schools all over the world that offer a bachelor’s degree in arts. Tuition and fees can vary quite a bit, and factors include the program duration, location of the school, and more. Students should narrow down their choices and then call the schools directly to find out what their financial obligations would be.

The career opportunities for graduates with a degree in arts can be vast. Jobs may include photographer, graphic designer, or architect. Different industries are always looking for skilled artists, and these include the entertainment, design, and filmmaking industries. Some graduates also choose to do more independent work as a painter, sculptor, musician, or choreographer.

Using our extensive online database it is quick and easy to find the perfect arts program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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2 Results in Art Studies

Santa Fe University of Art and Design - SFUAD

Our unique program provides unparalleled opportunities for hands-on experience working with local artists and organizations, so you can hone your management skills as you ... [+]

Get the advantage you need to start a career that combines your love of the arts with ironclad business skills and community-building strategies. Our unique program provides unparalleled opportunities for hands-on experience working with local artists and organizations, so you can hone your management skills as you complete your degree. Whether you see yourself behind the scenes in a theatre, museum, gallery, nonprofit, or somewhere else entirely, you’ll benefit from the flexible, creative mindset that comes with attending an art and design school, combined with the business know-how you need to leave the competition in the dust.


Our students have worked almost anywhere you can think of: private and public galleries and museums, theatre troupes and operas, magazines and newspapers, television shows and Hollywood films. You get the point: we want you working. Because our internship is a graduation requirement for Arts Management majors, it’s not a chance – it’s a promise.... [-]

USA Santa Fe
September 2019
4 years
Sustainability Management School

A program that addresses challenges in sustainability that leaders face in global business. ... [+]

The aim of the BBA in Sustainable Tourism and Nature Conservation program is to offer a theoretical and practical degree that integrates ecotourism, nature conservation with economic and social factors.

You will be exposed to real business operations through regular interaction with the business community and international organizations providing a framework to understand responsible tourism and governance of protected areas.

You will develop leadership and intercultural skills and be exposed to practical experience during experiential camps, field trips and visits to international organizations under the careful guidance of experts.

The teaching methodology is predominately interactive based on role-play activities and in-class discussions of cases and videos. You will work on business projects with leading executives in organizations and will be invited to company presentations and conferences. Online resources and electronic communication platforms are utilized to enable paperless classes.... [-]

Switzerland Gland
February 2020
3 years