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Ambitious students who are drawn to the vast world of commerce can dedicate themselves to earning a BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This is typically a four-year program that covers the fundamentals of business, including economics, law, marketing and management. Quantitative reasoning is taught along with communication and managerial skills, enabling graduates to understand all aspects of the business world.

What is a BBA in advertising? A focus in advertising prepares a student to build relationships with the customer, analyze customers needs and wants, and develop and execute a marketing strategy specific to a product or service and its target audience. Participants will learn about consumer behavior, sales management, advertising campaign design, and customer service. They will learn to adapt tried and true advertising principles to new markets and innovative technologies.

Graduates with a BBA in advertising have a finely honed understanding of what people want and how to meet their needs. They understand the importance of relationships and are effective communicators. These skills open the door to new career opportunities and higher salaries, and help graduates achieve professional as well as personal satisfaction.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree varies and is determined by the institution where it is earned. Students should take care to select a program that fits their needs and goals and work with the institution to understand the costs involved.

Careers in advertising are exciting and competitive. As an advertising manager you may be involved in creating the face of a company, product or service, crafting ads for television, radio and the Internet. You could design promotional campaigns and product releases and work alongside sales and creative departments to come up with the slogans, images and jingles that make a product memorable. You may design advertising for a single company or be part of a group that takes on many clients with diverse needs and products.

Students wishing to pursue a BBA in Advertising have many options. Online learning combines high quality education with the convenience of completing coursework anytime from anywhere in the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Northwood University

The Advertising & Marketing major at Northwood University is for those who want to be creatively challenged and have the chance to make exciting, memorable things hap ... [+]

Have you ever wondered what you would do for a Klondike bar? Or bought a Sun Drop simply because “Drop it like it’s hot” was such a fun campaign? Chances are you’ve even sung McDonald’s, “Ba, da, ba, ba, ba, I’m lovin’ it” a time or two as well.

Whether you’re interested in writing jingles, building brand strategies and marketing plans, or exploring the world of digital and social media, your future in this industry is calling. The Advertising & Marketing major at Northwood University is for those who want to be creatively challenged and have the chance to make exciting, memorable things happen—even before graduation.

A Degree that Works

Alumni from this program are rocking the advertising and marketing worlds at many domestic and international companies, including:... [-]

USA Midland
September 2019
4 years