English Taught Programme (ETP) in International Business serves as an excellent foundation for a wide range of business and management careers. This course will provide you with a broad, thorough and fully integrated education in the theory and practice of business management and sets out to provide an understanding of the way in which organizations might be made to operate more effectively.

Year 1: Guest Lecture/Company Visit

Guest Lecture

  • Sept 2015 - Calvin Klein Jeans & Underwear GM (Taiwan) Tracy Chiang
  • Nov 2015 - Wendel’s German Bakery & Bistro, Master Baker, Michael Wendel

Company Visit

  • Sept 2015 - Franz Collection Inc (Taipei)
  • Oct 2015 - Kuozui Motors Ltd (Taoyuan)

In the first year, you will be introduced to essential principles and theory relating to business, accounting and economic through the following Compulsory modules

  • Introduction of Business
  • Accounting(1)
  • Accounting (2)
  • Economics (1)
  • Economics (2)
  • Commercial Mathematics (1)
  • Introduction to Information Technology and Practices
  • Principle of Marketing
  • Application of Information Technology

Option Modules

  • Human Relations & Communication
  • Commercial Mathematics (2)
  • Global Young Leaders Conference (1)
  • Global Young Leaders Conference (2)

Year 2: International Academic Conference

  • Oct 2015 - International Student Based Conference 6th Penang Malaysia

The second year modules are designed to enable you to build on broader management topics introduced to you in the first year. You will study the following compulsory modules:

  • Statistics (1)
  • Statistics (2)
  • Commercial Law
  • International Financial Management
  • International Business Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Human Resources Management
  • International Organisational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics

Option Modules

  • Business Game
  • Database Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Commercial Business Practice
  • Introduction to Management Science For Business Decision
  • Marketing and Society
  • International Economics Relations and Development
  • Multimedia Web Design
  • Intercultural Management

Year 3: Exchange Programme

your third year you will study the following compulsory modules, developing your knowledge and introducing you to more advanced topics:

  • Global Logistics Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Innovation Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • International Business Strategy

Option Modules

  • Global Free Trade Zone
  • Preparation For Study Abroad
  • International Economics
  • Marketing Communication
  • Comparative Country Studies
  • E-commerce Management
  • Regulations for International Trade
  • Exploring Perspectives in Entrepreneurship
  • Cross-Strait Economic Framework
  • International Financial Market
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Globalisation of Emerging Markets
  • Operation Strategy & Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Managing Service Operations
  • International Trade Practice

Year 4: Internship Abroad

In the last year you will study only one compulsory module, developing your knowledge through practical case studies:

  • Professional Project

Option Module

  • International Industrial Competitiveness Analysis
  • International Exchange Practice
  • Economy, Finance and Banking in Greater China
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • International Conference Management
  • International Fashion Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cross-Cultural Communications and Management
  • Case Study on multinational corporation
  • International Banking and Investment
  • Business Communication and Negotiation
  • Foreign Exchange Market Operations
  • Project Management
  • Retail Management
  • New Venture Creation
Program taught in:
  • English
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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