BBA in Finance & Banking


Program Description


The BSc Business Administration with major in Finance and Banking aims to offer high quality specialized learning, engaging students in a continuous process of learning that benefits them to develop and establish a sound career in the financial sector. The Finance and Banking Major also intends to develop students‘ skills on the required tools for understanding investment, financial management, and financial institutions and related areas and provide them the opportunity to further their professional development by undertaking professional qualification such as Charted Financial Analyst (CFA). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai, in particular, is an important hub of financial and banking services in the region providing a leading platform connecting the regional financial markets with the rest of the world. In the future, the financial hub of Dubai is expected to continue growing with more demand for skilled finance professionals.

Program Goals

  • Develop an understanding of interdisciplinary concepts and theories related to the broad area of business administration and specifically to Finance and Banking by engaging in analytical and critical thinking in the decision-making process.
  • Apply functional area concepts, theories, and models to practice by analytically engaging with the core areas of Finance and Banking.
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively and professionally with a range of audiences about business information both verbally and in writing.
  • Become active learners by taking a proactive role in identifying optimal alternatives in order to effectively contribute to the decision-making process within modern work-place environments
  • Become responsible learners by exhibiting the ability to work independently as well as in groups.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to ethical issues and an awareness of the importance of socially responsible practices in global business environments.

Program Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this program, students will learn and be able to demonstrate:


  • PLO1: A broad and coherent body of knowledge of contemporary economic, socio-political, cultural and technological issues in local and /or global environments.
  • PLO2: Critical understanding of theories and practices in various business disciplines such as accounting, economics, law, strategy, marketing, and management in both local and global contexts.
  • PLO3: In-depth knowledge and understanding of current and new research, methodologies and methods of inquiry, and problem-solving abilities in their core field of study and that of Finance and Banking.
  • PLO4: A comprehensive understanding of the critical evaluation of financial data and information in order to facilitate effective decision making related to financial institutions.
  • PLO5: In-depth knowledge and understanding of the links between financial systems and the functions of financial markets and institutions locally and globally.


  • PLO6: Apply principles, concepts, theories, and models where appropriate with a view to assessing, evaluating and/or improving business policies and practices generally and Finance and Banking more specifically.
  • PLO7: Analyze critically texts, data, assumptions, and concepts.
  • PLO8: Identify problems and propose solutions and recommendations based on the appropriate use of analytical tools.
  • PLO9: Clear, concise and correct communication skills in written, spoken, and visual forms that explain and critique complex matters to various audiences.

Aspects of Competence

Autonomy and Responsibility

  • PLO10: Working creatively and/or effectively independently as well as part of a team by taking into consideration varying socio-cultural norms and relationships.
  • PLO11: Achieve autonomy in planning and managing the learning process.

Role in Context

  • PLO12: Assess, supervise and manage the achievements and outcomes of others and/or self in various projects.
  • PLO13: Accept responsibility, both at an individual and group level, for managing a range of complex and dynamic situations.


  • PLO14: Reflect on experiences gained in different contexts in order to engage in continuous personal development.
  • PLO15: Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and the growing importance of socially responsible practices in a global business environment.
Last updated November 2019

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