Program Description

As a graduate of IFIM College Bachelor of Business Administration, you will be applying the skills and knowledge gained to coordinate and integrate the activities of manpower and other resources in an organisation to achieve its goals. Having incorporated the recommendations of various industry bodies, the public sector and professional associations into the Bachelor of Business Administration it will prepare you for all aspects of business operations and for the development of specific on-the-job skills.

An optimum blend of theory and practice is offered, with a combination of subjects equipping you with both soft skills for working with people and the hard skills directed at areas such as marketing, law, economics, finance, operations and project management. Summer Internship Projects (SIP) will offer strategic and international perspectives that will prepare you for employment in regional, national and international organisations. The innovative structure and flexibility of the course offers an optimum blend of theory and practice and prepares students for a career in middle management in both the private and public sector.


One of the key strengths of IFIM college is the variety and flexibility in the teaching pedagogy used to enable meaningful learning. Each member of the faculty is encouraged to make use of pedagogy techniques consistent with course learning requirements of Bangalore University as well as the overall focus of the BBA Programme. The teaching pedagogy of the BBA course combines lectures and discussions, cases, role plays, self-learning projects/studies, field visits, group projects, and also independent research. In accordance, high-quality facilities in the Library and E-Commerce laboratory supplement the learning experience provided at the IFIM College. Advance preparations by the students as well as active participation are required to further enrich the unique learning process in BBA course.

IFIM College in general and BBA department, thus, recognises the need to encourage individual initiatives for all round multifaceted development and in this process. It provides students with keen business insights and rigorous training through the following methods.

Case-Based Learning

The case-based learning is integrated as a dominant tool in the education methodology which reinforces their understanding of the concepts and enhances their ability to apply in real situations. To be an effective professional, the student has to think and act like one. Case studies add real-life perspective to the students. Through a blend of Indian and International cases, students develop decision-making skills by applying concepts to specific situations.

Role Play

Teaching tends to become monotonous no matter how interesting the subject, at times. With this methodology, we break the normal conventions and try the innovative role play method. Teaching through live performance in order to learn the basics of the subject by role-play in the classroom is an advance methodology. This develops the feeling of belongingness to the organisation, the team spirit and ultimately enabling students to emerge as natural team leader.

Presentations (Training for Soft Skills)

The institute provides training for soft skill along with the academic curriculum. It provides strong practical orientations to the students helping them in building and improving their skills such as communication, presentations, group discussions, interview and interpersonal skills, team building and business correspondence. Some weightage is assigned in all the subjects for presentation as a part of continuous evaluation system.

The Summer Internship Programme (SIP)

Learning imparted by active participation in research is the optimal way to learn. Each student is required to undergo six to eight weeks summer internship at leading corporations by undertaking a project of direct relevance to the concerned organisation. Subsequently, a presentation on the project and a viva-voce before the faculty are made. Company mentors provide feedback after the completion of a student’s internship.

Management Research Projects

Students are required to work on comprehensive research projects under the guidance of the faculty members involving the application of concepts, tools and techniques to the real-world problems or research on the latest developments in the chosen fields of management. The purpose of these projects is to enable students to study an industry/issue in its totality and appreciate the use of an integrated approach in understanding of environmental issues and problems in that industry. This provides a unique opportunity for refining skills to work with a diverse group.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the industry and the business organisation, the teaching structure designed as a consequence helps students to excel in interviews.

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

We guide students to engage their inner motivation, independence and self-confidence that will enable them to reach their full potential and, to become competitive from within.

We guide students to engage their inner motivation, independence and self-confidence that will enable them to reach their full potential and, to become competitive from within. Read less