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Program Description

A Human Resources Management degree from Georgia Southwestern is intended to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of human resource functions – such as resource planning, recruitment and selection of employees, training and career development, labor relations, performance management, compensation, and development of policy and strategy in private and public-sector settings.  You’ll also explore the ways that employment law, labor relations and diversity issues can intersect and affect a company’s culture and ultimately its competitive advantage.

You will have the opportunity to participate in real-life projects and experiences that put into practice the concepts that are discussed in class.   Hands-on projects will challenge you to draw from your classwork, and from other courses in the curriculum, in order to deliver a practical and effective product. In our capstone course you will get to present your project to working HR professionals for realistic feedback before you begin your career. We work closely with the Society of Human Resource Management to align our courses with employer expectations and required competencies, so we will teach you the exact skills employers tell us they want.

Through your coursework, you will learn how to:

Apply business knowledge, reflective practices, and ethical leadership skills that drive learning and self-improvement

Develop and conduct an interview for real entry level jobs, and make recommendations to the interviewees designed to help them improve their skill set.

Apply knowledge of human behavior, labor relations, and current laws and regulations to produce a working environment that is safe, fair, and compliant with regulationsApply

Create, implement, and assess training, development, and rewards programs that foster employee and organizational learning and development

Recognize the diversity of cultures and worldviews that inform human behavior and respond constructively to differences in workplaces, communities, and organizations

Create and administer performance management systems

Identify and use technology to research, collect, analyze, and interpret data and effectively communicate information in a professional manner

Is HR the right fit for me?

Working with many types of professionals: HR professionals work closely with people at every stage of their careers.

Variety: There is no typical day in HR. You’ll likely be working on a variety of tasks, from staffing a booth at a recruitment fair to leading a training class.

Challenges: HR is an evolving science and art. There are always new strategies, technologies and skills to learn and improve upon.

Focus on the big picture: HR professionals participate in long-range planning, with insider views on how the entire organization works.

Flexibility: HR professionals are needed by businesses of every size, in every industry. You can put your skills and knowledge to work just about anywhere. Attracting the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited (and then keeping them) is important for the success of any organization. Conversely, reducing redundancy or removing workers who are no longer working towards corporate goals is also an important function in human resources management.

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