Program Description

Join the next generation of managers, leaders in the hospitality industry, to be the standard bearers of our innovative values

The hospitality industry demands adaptability and an in-depth knowledge of the behavior, lifestyles, and areas of interest of an increasingly demanding international clientele.

  • You will develop managerial expertise with considerable added value, demanded by the biggest international groups.
  • You are a natural leader and thanks to your very own personality, you have a vision that really stands out and can result in personalized service.
  • You are familiar with the latest technology to enhance the customer experience as well as the codes of your profession and can transpose them to the spirit of your business.

Our 4-year programme, based on international academic models, will help you continue your studies to secure a Master's/MSc.

This education program offers recognition at the international, professional and academic levels:

  • An international Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Hospitality Management awarded by Institut Paul Bocuse.
  • The official title of International Hotel and Restaurant Manager registered on the National Register for Professional Certification (level II) and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse.


Two school years are held in the 1st year:

  • September 2018: bilingual course French/English
  • January 2019: bilingual course French/English or 100% anglophone course

Modern teaching methods combined with a "test and learn" philosophy will help you develop your skills with real energy and a sense of responsibility.

You are involved in major international events organized by our prestigious partners.


In your 2nd or 3rd year, the university exchange scheme means you can customize your education.


From the first year, the international is opened to you. You represent and share the company's values in the face of a multicultural clientele. You perform your techniques and your spirit of service, thanks to the contact with professionals.

At the end of your 4th year, you will be awarded a Bachelor's degree (Hons.) by Institut Paul Bocuse.

This degree is internationally and professionally recognized. Your qualification is also registered with the RNCP – the National Repertoire of Professional Competencies.

The five specializations offered:

  • Strategic Meetings and Events Management
  • The Hospitality Entrepreneur
  • Maximizing Profit in the Electronic Marketplace
  • International Wine and Beverage Management
  • Lifestyle Hospitality Management

Benefits of this training


  • Number 1, since the creation in 2009 of the Eduniversal National Rankings.
  • An education that is recognized in France and abroad and provided by professors, professionals and experienced consultants with international backgrounds
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure: Le Royal, school-hotel MGallery by Sofitel 5*, the Housing Service, 6 restaurants located in Ecully and Lyon center
  • A year of specialization corresponding to the evolution of the needs of the hospitality industry
  • Interaction with the Laboratory of Service where the quality of the relationship with the clients is at the heart of our research


Institut Paul Bocuse encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and international scope.

The collaborative projects focus on the search for trailblazing ideas for new hospitality products and services that can stand the test of rigorous market analysis and feasibility study.This challenge allows students to be intensely creative but in a context of operational and managerial realities and financial exigencies.

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About the School

The Institut Paul Bocuse is a member of the international elite when it comes to providing instruction in the fields of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.

The Institut Paul Bocuse is a member of the international elite when it comes to providing instruction in the fields of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. Read less