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Urban and regional planning is the practice of crafting designs and proposals for the development of a particular piece of land to be used by people, whether it is on a regional, urban or industrial level.


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Hochschule Biberach University Of Applied Science

As part of the undergraduate Bachelor program learning outcomes in the field of artistic and professional ability, the ability to civic engagement and personal developmen ... [+]

Bachelor Architecture Program Objectives

As part of the undergraduate Bachelor program learning outcomes are intended in the field of scientific, artistic and technical ability, the ability to methodical thinking of recognizing the cultural and social dimension of the profession as well as a general education and personality development.

Structure and content of the program architecture are based on the general requirements that are associated with the profession of architect and create the conditions to completion of the bachelor's program approval in the Chamber of Architects to the admission requirements of each of Architects of the country as an independent architect.

The teaching in the field of architecture with the aim of Bachelor study is practical and designed to planning and structural problems independently analyze and within specified working structures and integrated to solve. The training should enable them to solve undergraduate tasks of the architect to design, technical, economic, environmental, cultural and social levels.... [-]

Germany Biberach Ulm United Kingdom London Switzerland Zürich  + 3 More
October 2019
8 semesters