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Transportation Management

A BA (Bachelor of Arts) is an undergraduate degree that prepares students for a career in their chosen field of study. Classes often involve general subjects as well as specific ones to set graduates up for success in the work force.

What is a BA in Transportation Management? This program is designed to teach students about the fundamental aspects of transporting and distributing goods along the supply chain of a company. Each program will vary, but classes may explore engineering, economics, city planning, and management. Students may learn about the logistics of a company and how different supply chains function. Policies, laws, and regulations will also be discussed in order to enhance the safety and reliability in transportation systems. 

There are a number of benefits that students gain when working towards a degree in transportation management. The management skills they learn will enhance their communication and problem-solving skills and may be applied to both professional and private life. The program also prepares students for work in a number of different areas, and their skills are often in demand after graduation.

The costs associated with earning a degree in transportation management will vary quite a bit depending on which school the student chooses. Factors that affect the cost of earning a degree include school location, program duration, and other associated fees. Students are encouraged to narrow down their choices and call the schools directly to find out what they should expect to pay.

There is a wealth of career options available for graduates with a Bachelor in Transportation Management. Depending on their interests and specific area of study, graduates may choose to work with ground, shipping, or air transportation. Many will work for companies in the area of logistics, often in leadership roles.

Explore your options for earning a BA in Transportation Management today. Use our database and search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Bachelor In Logistics And Transport Management

University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna
Campus Full time Part time 3 years September 2018 Austria Vienna + 1 more

Graduates are to coordinate able-company and inter-company supply chains and logistics chains; to design logistics and transport systems and implement; the calculation of logistics, transportation and transport services carried out in the context of national and international calls; Warehouse and inventory management measures to implement ... [+]

Graduates are able to:

internal and inter-company supply chains and to coordinate logistics chains to design logistics and transport systems and implement perform the calculation of logistics, transport and transport services in the context of national and international tenders implement warehouse and inventory management measures to evaluate cooperation variants such partnerships and alliances and implement to assess the legal aspects of transport, traffic and logistics activities perform international locational and regional planning projects Career Options Supply Chain Management Procurement, production, distribution and disposal logistics Logistics and transport systems Logistics, transportation and transport services Management consultancy Studying at a glance Degree / Title: Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA Admission procedure: admission interview, multiple-choice test (BWL, logistics and transportation, English). In preparation, we recommend our scripts. There are no external courses required. Semester Abroad: possible Internship: in the 6th semester Application deadline: May 15, part-time form 31 May, full-time form, online application Deadline for applicants outside the European Union: March 15 (due to visa restrictions) Course Description (ECTS): 180 ECTS Course Language: German Specialization in the 5th semester: Logistics and Supply Chain Management OR Transportation Study duration: 6 Semester Tuition Fee: € 363.36 / semester (+ € 19.20 Students' Union fee) Study places: 15 part-time form, 50 full-time form Periods of study: Part-time - three times a week evenings and Saturdays during the day, full-time - Monday to Friday daytime Admission Requirements: Matura, foreign Maturazeugnis, Berufsreifeprüfung, university entrance exam, teaching or Statements vocational middle school plus additional exams in German, English... [-]