Bachelor of Arts Programs in Rural Development

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a degree that is pursued as an undergraduate student. Programs may take three to five years to complete, and after graduation many students are prepared to find a career in their field of study.

What is a BA in Rural Development? This is a program for students who are interested in shaping rural spaces and communities. Studies may include learning how to diversify economic activities to benefit local residents, and understanding how a variety of factors can influence quality of life in rural areas. Programs vary, but students may learn how to formulate policy documents, prepare development strategies, advise rural entrepreneurs, support local development, and network with lobbyists.

Students who graduate with a degree in rural development benefit by having the tools to help developing areas in all parts of the world. When done right, rural development work affords a high level of job satisfaction, as the results can mean improved economies for the rural areas, which in turn helps other communities as well.

The costs associated with earning a bachelor’s degree can vary depending on where students attend school. The school location and the length of the degree program can differ quite a bit from one place to another. It is best to get in touch with the schools directly to find out what is to be expected financially.

A degree in rural development can lead to a number of career opportunities. Graduates may choose to be a rural analyst, which includes mapping out an area’s business, housing, and healthcare possibilities. A consultant position would consist of handling difficult development processes, and a graduate may choose to be an advisor who directs development projects. For those who want to work on making changes in rural communities, work as a policy maker at the local or national level is a good career option.

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BA Hons in Community Development

University of Johannesburg
Jan 2021

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