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Compare Bachelor of Arts Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication in Latvia 2019

A BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a popular undergraduate degree that provides the education necessary for many types of careers.  A BA also prepares students for advanced paths of study, such as a master’s or doctorate degree.

Journalism is concerned with writing and communicating stories and current events and analyzing past events in order to help individuals better understand the past, present, and the potential future world. Journalists work to gather the facts surrounding an event and then relay that information to their readers, viewers and subscribers.

Latvia has both fee-paying and state-financed higher education. The country has two kinds of higher education courses. These include the academic and professional programs. There are three levels of academic higher education – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The climate in the country favors various winter sports and recreation activities such as ice skating, skiing and ice hockey. International students prefer studying in Latvia due to its social life, arts and cultural institutions. The country’s culture is easy to adopt to.

Top Undergraduate Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication in Latvia 2019

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Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

Prepare the intercultural communication specialists with foreign language skills for the work in EU institutions and other international organizations; ... [+]

AIM OF THE STUDY PROGRAMME to prepare qualified specialists of intercultural communication for institutions of Latvia and abroad; to ensure studies that comply with the economic, cultural and social needs; to provide academic studies that are based on theoretical grounds, that comply with the standards of academic education and are practically applicable.

TASKS OF THE STUDY PROGRAMME to provide the students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and also the set of practical abilities and skills for provision of intercultural communication services of professionally high level in branches necessary for national economy; to increase the competitiveness of graduates in the changeable socioeconomic conditions and the international labor market; to implement the in-depth acquisition of knowledge that provides the opportunity to independently develop research methodology and to carry out the application of research methodology in new branches and that also allows to continue studies for the achievement of higher qualification level; to ensure the compliance of study quality with the level of Europe and other developed countries thus improving the methodological, scientific and materially technical funding of learning process, and promoting cooperation with other universities of Latvia and abroad; to timely change the content and teaching methods of the programme thus reacting to the changes in the international labor market and also correctly foreseeing changes in future; to establish the close connection between the study process and the existing practice of multicultural companies. ... [-]
Latvia Ventspils
September 2019
3 years